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LDR- the waiting game

Growing up, one thing i hate most is to wait for people, for whatever reason. 
It all goes back to an incident where I was 5, my mother forgot to pick me up from music class. I waited for hours and she didn't show up, and tears started rolling down my cheeks while I held my orange bag handle really tightly. Soon as the auntie (who was waiting for his son to finish his class) noticed, she comforted and reassured me saying you're not forgotten, don't worry
But hey, I was such a small kid. I could only imagined myself being abandoned since my mom, being a typical asian mom, has always told me she shouldn't have had me and only want to take *one of her fave child* with her. How powerful/harsh were those words to a 5-year-old? 

Ever since then onwards, i've always been extremely time-conscious. To me, waiting for even a minute really pulls down my impression had on someone. Guys, this is parenting, very influential. So make sure you THINK before you say, do not assum…

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