Friday, December 12, 2014

NezBakes: Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

A few days before this, I made a golden sponge cake which got whipped off really fast and left me with no more cake to eat :( what more it was a Saturday, HOW CAN IT BE!? also I've been collecting & comparing chocolate cake recipes while Beatty's recipe makes me feel like this is the one! Because the reviews are so positive, I rushed to the kitchen, took out my tools and started all the baking job without hesitation!

The use of oil instead of butter in this cake makes it really moist & light, while buttermilk makes it fluffy & crumbly; which is exactly what I always craved for! I modified the recipe in a bit:
i. types of flour
ii. amount & types of sugar because I wanted to frost it (with just butter & icing sugar) which are both absent in the cake recipe itself, what a perfect match! :D

and there, I've got something tasted more like a dark chocolate cake!

I actually managed to pull through the struggle of refraining myself from eating it since cake usually taste more flavorful  the next day and the chilling process for frosting is such an essential. But it was an absolute worth!

Ah, patience is virtue.

Couldn't stop saying YUMS in every bites! *yuuummmmmmmmms*

So while I was waiting for the cake to cool to frost it, I made some mac & cheese for lunch! It's like a cheese pool, loaded with cheddar, parmesan & of course, mozzarella cheese! How hearty! With my fave broccoli & carrot as side :)

Comfort food you call that x

Since Christmas is on its way, the family's been cracking our heads up for the party! & mom needed some rehearsal so she did this.. 

My job, as usual, will be the baker! I've had red velvet cake in mind which received the top votes and highly demanded by the family among all cakes i've baked. So what say you? Ideas & suggestions are welcomed ! :)

NezBakes: Golden Sponge Cake

The simple moist and spongy cake that we normally eat may seem to be something really simple but the procedure to make it is quite a complex one and most professional baker would note it as a non-beginner recipe.

Typically, I'd prefer oil/butter-based type of cake which is denser, crumbler and moister in texture over foam cake which is dryer and airy. The latter taste like, you're just not eating anything. You get me right? It's just not hearty/fulfilling for hardcore sweet tooth! Then again, being a baking euthusiatist, you just can't help wanting to try out new stuff and I do admit that eating the same thing can get quite bored heh :/

So, I found this AWESOME golden sponge cake recipe which gives off such moist and springy texture, it is heavy in weight yet not dense! Rather than the typical American sponge cake/angel food cake which requires little or no amount of fats, this recipe calls for equal weight of flour, sugar & BUTTER! Which makes it SO flavourful but definitely NOT oily! No leavening agent is required here, the technique of whipping egg whites till stiff, then folding them into the batter are what creates the volume and lightness for the cake.

The original recipe does not call for any additional flavouring, the aroma of it comes mainly from the eggs & of course, good quality of butter is important. However, I did reduced the amount of milk a little while added half a tablespoon of vanilla essence cos I don't like too eggy smell. 

Good stuff don't come around easily huh? ;)

Rises really well in the oven. But it did shrink a little during the cooling process, which is kinda normal as according.

As usual, the cake is so madly loved by the family that it was whipped out wayyyy too fast! Dad alone ate half of it! (the cake is 6" x 2" btw)

Like I always say, it's absolutely a great thing as I could bake more without the worry of wasting them :D 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Graduation Ceremony

Some real long overdue post here. Oops!

As I've mentioned in my previous post on my weekend trip to KL to collect my graduation ceremony photos. So here they are! Everything took place exactly 2 months ago! How time flies. And i'm still lazing around home, being a princess while waiting to further my master program :)

Love the family portrait but the sister-in-law is missing


8th Oct 
I flew to KL a day before my family to get some stuff settled as well as to meet friends!
When you've nothing better to do onboard.

Breakfast at McD before flying off. With my Little Miss & Mr Men collections! :D

Met up with the kawan who's been well-missed ! Ah, can't believe 3 years flew past so quickly! Still remember the days we used to count to our graduation and there! in a blink of an eye, we are SO graduating! Aw man, I wouldn't have made it without her!

Did some shopping before we head down for lunch & more shopping! Loaded off my purse like nobody's business because everything seems so good to me, especially the dresses from H&M and Mango that I bought, autumn is the season to shop! 

Lunch @ Ben's General Groccer, Publika

My baes x

Sticky toffee pudding! One of my fave British dessert

Make a wish, bring me back to England.

It was such a fun-filled day with her company, chatters & great food :) 

9th Oct 

Lunch @ Dragon-i. Love their pork broth ramen with scallop & pork belly.  Frankly, I don't fancy japanese/korean ramen but shanghai ramen or generally any chinese handmade noodle are like oh-so-good! 

The university is such a sweetie that they hosted a homecoming alumni party for us the day before our convocation.


With the Sunway mascot!

Thumbprints of the graduates (not all of course)

Finally, the family arrived and we had dinner together. Grandpa wanted Japanese because we are 2 of a kind, we don't like Chinese food except the noodles! It's called the genes :p 
Mentai my love!

My adorable grandparents :)

 Family :) without my brothers

The man of my life, one of my greatest gift from God x

The supermom.

I once came across an article about bringing your grandparents to fast food would bring them smile. Because there was no such thing during their days and some of them might even have not tasted burger. So yeah, I asked my folks if they wanted ice-cream as we walked past McD and they knotted with huge grins.

Seeing them happily enjoying the ice-cream from the back warms my heart so much! It sure made their day, & mine too! :D

10 Oct 2014 - the day I officially graduate as a Psychology Bachelor! 

Trust me, everyone else in the family was more excited than I do. My mood that day was just- okay, finally i'm getting that sheet of paper after slogging like a mad cow for three darn years. Now I feel my bro, that I was so touched & happy seeing him graduating few years back and when I asked about his feelings, he gave an emotion-less expression. Heh :/

Getting ready in the hotel while playing around with my graduation gown & hat.

My very supportive family! Can't believe that all of them are present for this big day of mine because not all were present during my siblings' graduation. i'm such a lucky girl !

With all my beautiful flower bouquets, graduation kitty, chipmunk & bears! xoxo

Yours truly looking 170cm for once in life. My bro is a great cameraman! 

Superstar stairway LOL

Proud parents!

Because the normal insta pic is too maintain, I've got a 3D one B)

Bro wanted it too haha!

No photographs were allowed in the hall but you could choose to purchase the stage photos taken by professionals. Made us pay for more even after we've graduated =.= Yeah, such money sucker i know. 

With the Vice Chancellor of LU!

With founder of Sunway!

11st Oct

Parents & grandparents head home the right next morning for work. So brothers & I were freeee! :D They decided to celebrate my birthday at Zuok so yeah!

 Lunch @ Showcase TTDI. Pizza was not bad, cripsy when even it's cooled but could be thinner.

Like everyone's normal routine when they're on breaks, shopping & eating most of the time. Met up with the Aunty as well and had afternoon at Whisk, OneU.  By the time we jammed back to our hotel to get change and all, it was already quite late. Traffic in Klang Valley *tsk*

So we decided to just settled our dinner this very delicious vietnamese in KLCC.
Everybody loves my bowl of pho bo (the vietnamese beef noodle soup). Bro claims it as the beef version of bak kut teh (chinese pork bone soup with herbs)

Met up with the diva as well ;) 

Nothing much. Just drinking & dancing all night. 

The next day, Raymond invited us to watch the basket ball match between M'sia & S'pore. Being basketball fanatics, bros obviously agreed so I had to follow..sounds so reluctant but I enjoyed myself a lot since there were free whisky & desserts! Yum yum! 

Let's go Dragon, let's go!

And yeah, you guess it. Had my all-time comfort food at Sean's before heading home. OH YEAH
Table for three. Scrumptious much?

That's about it! I'm just too lazy for words and it's just a spam of pictures but i hope you enjoy this post! Till then x

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Weekend getaway

There've been too much going on lately that it saddens me a lot, which also triggers my stomach problems that the symptoms act up so intensively and the pain got even more severe. So I had an impromptu weekend trip with the bro & mom with the hope to escape from everything for a moment but it didn't turned out that well either. Because wherever you run to, the problem IS still there and you can't seem to escape. Perhaps I should just learn to accept, learn, let go & IGNORE.

On a lighter note, it was definitely a successful shopping spree for me! :D which at least loosen up my tension in a bit. Satisfied my taste buds with lotsa good food too!

 Photobombing is all you can do along the journey. Not so much of a sleeper hehe!
& yes, that's my baby Burberry shades that I rewarded myself as a graduation present while in Manchester :) (okay whatever expensive goods that I buy, I always claim it as my birthday/graduation or whatever worth celebrating events to cut off the guilt :p) FINALLY found a pair that suits me perfectly in terms of both comfort & appearance! :D *happiness x infinity!*

 Back at the second home. I miss Sunway!

Was mad famished when we arrived so decided to just settle out lunch at some newly opened cafe around that area. Independent cafes are mushrooming around my uni area these days as it seems. Thanks for the great enhancement AFTER my graduation pfft.

 Breakfast in bed @ Map's. The cafe basically serves pork meal (which doesn't favour me) and the choices are kinda limited. Cappuccino taste bland even they asked if I wanted it sweetened and I said Yes.

It was quite a bad thing if we just walked outta the cafe after being seated so the three of us shared this. HEH.

So after the quick tea & get our stuff settled down in the hotel, we headed down to Publika which is my favourite place to chill and most importantly, to grab my BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD FROM BEN'S!

Mexican pizza & beef pie with pineapple cod fish salad as side! Globed them down in a blink of an eye because they're just TOO delicious! Seriously, Ben's is still the best pizza to-go-for for me. Love their wide varieties, generous topping, fine ingredients & most of all, THE THIN AND CRISPY CRUST which is what makes a good pizza. 

Walked and shopped around the places too and so happy to have gotten all my UK bites & Christmas food from Ben's! Ahhh I miss UK just way too much! Can't wait to get back :')

Then, it's time for some sweet indulgence! Tried out Namoo cafe for their famous sweet potato desserts.
 Sweet potato cake & ginger tea. Mom had the sweet potato latte.

Honestly, as much as i love SP, their desserts aren't really to my liking. The cake tasted more like a kuih instead of cake to me, which is very very dense. Hmm, it's like the filling for pumpkin pie but denser, chewier & stickier in texture. I'm not a fan of latte though i've tried good ones, this was mainly like a very rich sweet potato milk that's all.

Love it when the favourite season is approaching, and it's so christmassy everywhere! The decos & christmas carols just makes everything so delightful & warmed at heart :)

Next day, mom & I got up early and had breakfast at CBTL!

 Scrumptious much? :D hehe
They do serve pretty decent scones, it's by far one of the good ones I had in M'sia. (don't you compare it with England) Mom had the mint chocolate cake but I'd prefer the dark choco mint last year which has a stronger punch of mint flavour.

Gosh I think I sound very picky about food now. & I've gotta be honest, I AM!

Hoop a hope :)


Bro as usual, wakes up only when it hits the noon while mom and i already did some shopping. Lunch at Zanmai :)

Nothing much going on. Just lotsa shopping then food to replenish. Lol.
Dinner at TGIF!
 Tummy growling like nobody's business because we were too engrossed in shopping that we forget about the time. Hence, a real late dinner, at 9pm?

Heck cares about the time & calories, it's saturday night! INDULGE YOURSELF! xx
 A good 10oz of grilled NY strip makes me grin from ear to ear!

 & of course, what's life without choco and how can anyone left Friday's without their signature BROWNIE & ICE-CREAM!? The stomach just won't be fulfilled without dessert!

Upon the last day, we visited Sean & lunch at his restaurant before heading home. It's like an essential thing to do whenever we are in KL! Sean's family runs a few korean bbq restaurant in PJ as well as JB area. We frequent the one at SS2 most which is the main outlet!

BTW, his shop is named Korean BBQ House. There's also another branch at Kota Damansara :)
Banchan itself is enough to make my stomach happy but trust me not, eating at Sean's will never make you feel full. It's so hearty that you could just eat and eat and eat..till someone stops you!

Bro would take me to his restaurant whenever i lose my appetite. One of the best cure.

Sam Geuk Sal aka bbq pork belly

House marinated ribeye steak!

Sang Geh Tang aka Korean Ginseng Chicken soup!

Nak ji bo kum aka stir fried spicy squid with korean noodle! My favouriteeeeest of all ! Never fail to order this dish and I always finish it all by myself ! HEHEHE YUMS (Y)

Wanted to order Kimchi pancake but I doubt we could finish it, but there's always next time! Have gotta thank Sean's mom for the huge box of kimchi because she thinks I should eat more :'D

Korean BBQ is heaty and you need ice-cream after it :D

Alright, so that's how i ended my November and yeshhhh, IT'S DECEMBER! Forget about the sorrows and leave them back in November, move on & ENJOY THIS JOYOUS SEASON !

Rejoice in His love, peace & joy. For God is good, His love endures forever. :)

Till then! x