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Story of my life

I grew up being doubtful, fearful about everything and anything.
I trust no one because my parents never trusted me.
I love no one because my parents never show me how.
I was insecure, I was unprotected.

When I needed love the most, I get none.
When I seek for attention, I was ignored.
When I strive for acknowledgement, I was rejected.

When I plead for assistance, I was called weak.
When I eat a little more, I was called fat.
When I sleep a little longer, I was called lazy.
When I scored a little lower, i was called stupid.
Growing up, I was labelled. Very negatively.

I'm never praised by my parents.
I'm never hugged by my parents.
I'm never appreciated by my parents.

Growing up, I told myself I will never want to be like my parents.

When I was 20, I started an extreme diet.
When I was 22, I suffered from eating disorder.
When I was 24, I was almost killed by my family members. They call me the SHAME of the family. They say I'm their burden. They wish for my death. Lit…

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