Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Girls talk

Finally met up with the girls after God knows how many donkey years! Sounds a bit exaggerating but since everyone went on separate ways for good after high school, we could rarely meet up topped with the hectic schedule.

The awesome thing is, regardless how long we haven't been sitting down together & catching up with each others life; you know they are always there for you and we would never run outta topics whenever we get together xx

You know you love them

Just some random shot of my lovely brunch hehe. Cream cheese omelette with salad :)

Had Italian for dinner at my fave MP kitchen. Theys serves the best pizza in JB I reckon! 
Fusion thai squid pizza. Look at the puffy, thin & crispy crust!

We also had mushroom risotto, soup, mac & cheese and chicken chops. But lime light of the gathering shouldn't be just food & pictures, ya? ;)

& how could a simple dinner session ever satisfy us? Moved on to a cafe nearby for more chit-chatting hehe
My daily essential. But could be more chocolate-y. Comforting on a chilly night nevertheless

Okay this was pretty crap :/

Tracy with her bottle of, cough syrup? lol cold brew caffeinated choco, that is

Can't wait for Shar to finish her finals next week and we shall see each other again soon! :D

"True friends are like stars, you may not see them often but you know they are there." x

Sunday, November 16, 2014

NezBakes: Marble loaf cake

Apparently, I've been very very into baking recently so Imma just gonna flood my blog with my bakes. I won't really call myself a baker cos I've yet to achieve that level. Still need to brush up on some skills especially on handling the temperature and bake duration since every oven differs.

The old-fashioned marble loaf cake/bread was what I baked last night! Wanted to make the Apple Brenton Cake or Pie initially as I miss the ones in my uni back in Lancaster, UK so much! So I went to the hypermarket wanting to get some apples but they didn't look good. Later, I saw a post of yummy-looking lemon loaf on Instagram and it just got into me! Hence, the random switch ;) Besides, I thought it'd be a good idea to use my newly bought loaf tin too!

Slow-baked the cake at low for almost an hour. The smell was definitely tempting but good stuff are worth waiting ya? Hence, some selfie & random shots here. Hehe.

Yeah I do have Granny Smith apples at home but I don't quite like using green apples for my desserts. Would prefer the red ones for the natural sweetness!

And TA-DA!

I actually went searching on youtube on swirling skills and did a pretty good one but the cut in the picture doesn't really show the nicer part of my swirl. :/

I did half the loaf with more vanilla while the other more chocolate and I obviously prefer the latter! Hehehe.

The cake is such a hot stuff , half of it was swept off soon as parents came home! They love the cake so much as it reminds them of their childhood, especially the buttery flavour! Since most markets would top up the flavour/fragrance with paste/unpure essence which often make the cake taste artificial and chemical-ish, the homely taste could hardly be found anymore. And as homemade, I threw in a good 4oz of quality butter for this 7" cake and had the fear of it'd be too greasy and jelak but it didn't! *phew* Thank goodness i did not modify the original recipe & everything turned out well, the cake is moist & fluffy! Love the crumbs too!

However, I do find the vanilla part a little too sweet although my parents insist the flavour is fine for them. Oh wells, either I'll cut back on the amount of sugar or substitute a quarter of it with brown sugar. Happy food could be healthy! :D

Hopefully I can get some real good apples the next time I visit the hypermarket and make myself some ABC to satisfy the crave. *sniff*

Till then! Have a good Sunday night & may tomorrow be a great week ahead for y'all x

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nezbakes: Vanilla muffin

The itchy hand is baking again because I was really craving for muffin! Yeah, the rainy season is here so you'd really need some warm delights for your tummy in such chilly morning! The quick & easy recipe is what makes it one of the best & enjoyable breakfast :) and plus, it's low fat & low sugar! 

They were rising so well  & one of them actually overflown like a volcano!
I guess it's due to the addition of apple cider as I was running outta vanilla extract. It has got the function of puffing baked goods up & flavouring as well :)

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die..! 
While I brown the top a little so they taste crunchy!

I love pairing my baked goods with a cup of hot tea. And spreading some jam on it just makes it so yums! Dad loves these muffin so much that he requested for some cheese muffin next time. Though I'm not a fan of savoury desserts (not sure if cheese muffin is counted as one) but might test it out for the sake of the man of my life ^_^

I'm also quite into making some marble & carrot loaf, ahh, just too many in lines! But oh wells, will be making everything in a smaller portion so that they could be swept off fast allowing me to bake more often! Teehee!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NezBakes: Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

There are just too many overdue events that I would like to blog about, I guess I would just start from the most recent one then everything goes backward like rewinding..

Like I've mentioned in the last post, I've been baking pretty often recently since dad bought me a new oven! Baking brings me joy especially when seeing the smile on faces of people who ate my bakes :) also homemade desserts are somewhat healthier and induce more mindful eating since you KNOW what's in your food. I'm pretty sure people who cooks will opt for the finest & freshest ingredients for the sake of your own body. Besides, being allergic to nuts & blah, snacking out is quite a life-threatening thing (which reminds me much about the incident i had in Taiwan 2 years back:/) 

So anyway, presenting you my most recent piece of work- THE GLORIOUS RED VELVET CAKE with CREAM CHEESE FROSTING! Decided to bake this very classic American cake not just because it's one of my favourite, and since CHRISTMAS is on its way! HOHOHO!! Not sure if it's exactly a Christmas cake to be but anything red (and green) is pretty much related to the season, ya? :p 

BTW, this is my my first time baking this challenging cake & I'm indeed grateful to God to have succeeded ! The cake texture is moist, soft & fluffy with a hint of cocoa! (okay I must be honest, it's not just a hint but quite a strong cocoa aroma yet not overwhelming) Even my dad & bro who aren't a fan of chocolate love this! Oh, did I mention that it is also my bro's very first piece of red velvet cake in his entire life? Well, it's not too late and I'm glad that my bake has brought him a good impression on RVC :D

And the cream cheese frosting is brilliant I must say! It literally spices up the whole of this cake in terms of flavour and presentation. I'm not usually a fan of cheeey cake (combination of cheese in desserts, I love overloading it on pizzas though) so I came up with my own recipe and this is quite a mild one & only a thin layer yet just perfect for the cake and for my own liking. 

Of course, I like doing a lot of research before I lay my hands on projects to avoid disaster and this recipe of mine is no exception!

I LOVE this bake of mine so much that I doubt I would eat it anywhere else! To be frank, I haven't came across any good piece of RVC; the ones that I've had either offer bad cake (strong chemical/coloring, too greasy) or bad frosting (too cheesy). Like I've said, homemade goods always allows room for adjustment to your own liking and this is one of my best example. 

Trust me, this is SO good I can have the whole to myself! Was so tempted to do it but sharing does make everything better :) I also receive pretty positive comments from my family & friends who dropped by to grab a piece and yeah! definitely boost my confidence in baking. Which also means, I could bake MORE! 

Anyways, I had 2 big pieces to myself which pretty much satisfy parts of my crave. Heh!

And it is such a bliss when hunger strikes in the middle of night and you know there's this heavenly RVC in the fridge awaits you! Ah, the happiness!

Aren't you already salivating? HEHEHE! 
In fact, my tummy is growling already. Imma grab my lunch & till next time! xx

Grand re-opening


Yes! I'm back to my blogging world! :D

Decided to revive my dead blog simply because I HAVE FINALLY GRADUATED FROM MY DEGREE PROGRAM woohoo! *throws confetti*, hence, I have more time to spare on the cyber world (in terms of entertainment and social media of course) ! Life's so good without assignments/overloaded journal reviews/work, etc. To sum up in a word, STRESS-FREE! *winks*  

I'm so grateful for having lovely parents that treat me like a princess and allow me to just stay home & take real good break before pursuing for my master program. Can't wait to leave this land and get back to the USA! So much of being an American baby, being raised in an english-educated & westernize environment; I grew up thinking why am i even in Asia because I'm leading a rather different lifestyle from everyone around me including my family members. That ranges from my perception, behavior and even food consumption! I do not eat and detest rice since young (I do accept sushi but in small intake), chinese food is such a no-no to me especially if you want me to consume that like every now and then? Oh gosh. Despite having great passion for pasta/pizza/oatmeal, I regard desserts like CAKES, COOKIES WAFFLE OHMYLOVE as my main meal more. Yeah sweet tooth you call that. There isn't a day I can live on without chocolate! okay, enough whining about this food problem that may be just a personal preference thing. After all, the family don't eat together as often anymore as we grow up. I guess that happens to most Asian family where everyone would be over-engaged with their own business and tended to neglect people around us. *sigh*

Anyway, this post is just a little update on my life after graduation. I actually graduated in mid-july, flew over to England (travelled to Paris as well) on the right next day of my graduation and HAD THE BEST SUMMER, attended my official graduation ceremony last month (which will be blogged about soon) and yeah, that's pretty much about. Been occupying myself pretty much with baking recently since i've got a new oven & waffle maker (yes, like finally! :D)

Hopefully will be updating my blog very often with my exciting leisure activities! Teehee!
Till then xx