Thursday, February 12, 2015

Soul searching


Travelling is always a good idea. It allows more room for thoughts, chances to explore & fresher air to breath. I especially love doing it alone, for soul searching.

People who knows me would know that I'm always a morning person- I wake up early & turn in early too; but I haven't been sleeping well this whole year. I feel exhausted, yet I'm unable to fall asleep and tend to wake up late with a heavy head. Nightmares flash into my mind the moment I close my eyes. It really suffers my mental health. 

Hence I decided to go out, away from this city and have some fun! Had an absolutely amazing 3D2N with myself at both Malacca & KL! While I also took this chance to meet up with my laopengyou who makes the trip even lovelier! :D

The trip wasn't intended to be this way but YS who's working in KL happened be returning Malacca last weekend so i thought why not since Malacca has always been one of my fave city! Thank you so much for your hospitality which helps me to save a lot. Hehe. So we met at the bus terminal and there, we started out our jalan-jalan cari makan trip! :D

Lunch @ De Reve Saloon Cafe.
Been wanting to try out their waffles after reading many good reviews about it so that would be our first stop for lunch & some catching up session! :D

True friends are really hard to come by and I'm more than grateful to own this friendship that is as old as a third-former.

Hot brown rice choco.

Black cherry tea.

Brownie infused waffle with cantaloupe flavored ice-cream? Can't really tell what is it though. 

An evidence of the hidden brownie. lol

Sadly we were quite disappointed with the food (even drinks) here. The waffle is not of those kind which are crunchy on the outside but fluffy inside. Probably cos I ordered the brownie infused type. And the food served were generally quite cold. Even when I asked for hot tea, it tasted like room temperature. 

 Verdict: 3/5 (considering their service is good)

Then, it was time for SHOPPING ! :D

Seriously, it was a massive one! Kinda expected because my spree in Malacca never fails :p but I do feel sorry for YS cos I promised to hunt for CNY clothes with her but ended up I was the one getting everything while she got nothing :/

And what's Malacca without NADEJE?! :D

Matcha red bean. It was supposed to be choco banana but it satisfied me nevertheless. Their crepe is seriously the best! Love them thin crepes layering with creamy matcha whip yet not overwhelming. Every bite is smooth & soothing x

First, you pose. Then, you attack!

We had dinner here (Mahkota outlet) as well before continuing our spree at Jonker Walk :) They serve hot food here too besides the signature crepe cakes.

My seafood carbonara, served with a side of salad & chicken soup.

HOT girl with her tom yum spaghetti :p (inside joke)


Verdict: 4/5

Took a walk over to Jonker Street which is held every weekend. The government actually had the intention to close it down but no way! It such a lovely tourist attraction & prestige tradition that we should preserve. Wonder what's in their mind =.=

Look at that Hello Kitty themed tricycle! :D I love the Frozen themed more though. They even played the Frozen music! How cute.

Ah, CNY atmosphere in the air!

Tourist shot!

Jonker is full of yummylicious nyonya kuih, traditional local snacks, street food, childhood snacks and even things that I have not seen!

The black board says, "Every passerby is blessed with fortune". Hence, worth a shot.

I couldn't resist but to snack on them teriyaki even though I was super bloated already! They were filled with creamy custard and booze into your mouth when eaten hot. So comforting!

Day 2- boarded the bus and off we go to KL to continue our shopping spree! :D

Sleepy heads.

First stop was to KLCC cos I need to get my books from Kinokuniya. & before unleashing our shopping power, we need fuel ourselves up! & Jap food is always a good idea ;)

Lunch @ Yuzu.

Daydreamer or poser?

"Where's my food....?"

No matter how hungry we are, YS always insist a picture before we tuck in. And I feel obliged to follow since i had my camera with me! :p yes I wouldn’t even bother if it’s just a phone camera because it does make a difference! (of having to carry it around)

The set portion looks huge from the picture showed on menu but..wasn't enough at all.

Their sashimi wasn't of the fresher & quality side too. :( not worth the money. With that range of price, I would recommend Zen over it.

Verdict: 2.5/5

So yeap, had waffles @ Wafflemiester right after we come out from the restaurant since the stall was just a level below! & The aroma was so attractive!

Belgium waffle with choco mint ice-cream drizzled with hot fudge!

Pretty much reminded me of the ones I had in London but the taste wasn't really the same :/

Next stop, Sunway! :D My real second home, how i miss that place!
There are so many new shops opened in pyramid ! & the new building in the university is done already! All the good stuff popping out after my graduation. Why oh why? Bummer!

After a good few hours of clothes hunting, we needed some sugar rush to treat our sore legs and THIS is exactly what we were looking for! 

Sweet treats @ Dip N Dip!

We literally joined in the queue the moment we spotted the shop! Yes, the queue was long as the shop is small. Thankfully, it was a quick one *phew*

Here goes my ranting again! WHY IS IT OPENED ONLY AFTER MY GRADUATION?! Like seriously, if it were to open during my degree years, I would have been there almost everyday! Hell yeah, cos it's CHOCOLATE OMG! How can anyone ever resist that, especially chocoholic like me!

Look at that generous pour of chocolateeeeeeee

This is my first time having a crepe since waffles would always be my priority when i'm presented with both. But I decided to give it a go this time and..
& I fell in love with that crepe!

Nuff' said.

Of course, one dish is never enough! How could that satisfy sweet tooth like us? Maybe, it's just me.
Chocolate lava!

Not really molten-ic but makes me :) nevertheless!


BTW, just for you info; Dip N dip is on a less sweet side compared to Salon Du Chocolat, Publika. In my opinion, SDC uses better quality of ice-cream if I'm not mistaken. Both serve decadent, comforting, rich & quality dessert :)

Bid each other goodbye and I continued my own spree at night and also the next day. Because it was a Monday and she has to work.

Day 3 -
Decided to settle my lunch with something quick & easy and perhaps, cheap since i've been spending a lot already. So I just grab some bento from the Jusco, but guess what?
THEY COST ME ALMOST RM30 WTF!? Convenience is expensive. *sigh*

Yeah you guess, over budget again!
That's my total expenditure excluding flight & accommodation omggggg

Sweet gift from the friend ! Love that Kitty mask! :D

Some boring snapshot while waiting for my flight at the airport. 
Bought Uncle Tetsu cheesecake (both the signature baked cheesecake & biscuit stick). Not a fan of cheesecake so yeah. It's for the family anyways. 

I must say, this whole trip was a healing one. I really had a great time & most of all, I get to pour out my feelings to the best friend. 

Now, time for CNY! :D