Thursday, January 29, 2015

NezBakes: Death by Chocolate

Everyone has their very own list comfort food/happy food, be it sweet or savoury.

For me? i've 3 ingredients in mind, (can't really name them as a dish because anything of that IS good !)

  • Chocolate (choco bars/choco chip cookies/choco cakes/hot choco..and the list goes on)
  • Cheese (mac&cheese, pizza, pasta, anything cheesy but not cheesecake)
  • Milk (hot/cold, malted/pure fresh, or even in the form of ice-cream!)

Won't you agree with that? Ignore the calorie and whip them up! Indulgence is about feeding the soul,  when you're happy and mental state is at its best, your body functions well and metabolic rate goes up up up; which helps you to burn them fats off! Just so you know, depression is also one cause to obesity. I ain't citing any references/evidence here, articles are everywhere in the net. I'm sure some of you have even heard of what I've said a thousand times already. Indeed, there's no good and bad food, healthy eating is about consuming every nutrients in moderations :)

And I've gotta admit, life has been really really down for me recently and all I crave for is a piece of extremely chocolaty chocolate cake. & yesterday, I made myself a real intense, rich, deep & chocolaty cake with a moist & crumbly texture. SO good !

I've always blogged about my bakes but never really did share my recipes because yeah, I'm not sorta a professional baker so am not confident enough to post about it. Plus, I think the adjustment in recipe is made according to individual differences, as long as you know the ratio and theory behind different cake types, texture and taste of course.

But today, I would like to share this recipe because it's really comforting for me. 

1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
Heap 1/4 teaspoon baking powder (which I will omit in the future, see note*)
Pinch of salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup of Hershey's natural unsweetened cocoa
2 tablespoons Hershey's milk chocolate chips
40g Lurpak butter
1 large egg
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons light brown sugar
1/4 cup milk plus a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (it's a sub for buttermilk, you could also use any white distilled vinegar or lemon juice)
1/4 teaspoon vanilla paste

I adapted this recipe from Sally's Death by Chocolate cupcake, with quite a few modifications to match my liking. & apparently, i made it in the form of loaf (6" loaf pan) inside of cups.

DbC is originally a rich dark chocolate cake but since I was opting for something sweeter & creamier (refer to my top list of comfort food :p), I swapped the semi-sweet baking chocolate with Hershey's milk chocolate chips.

Steps are as followed:
1. Melt them lovely chocolate & butter together. The smell is incredible! 

2. Sift all flours and give them a good whisk. Get your milk ready. Set aside. 

3. Whisk egg, sugars and vanilla till smooth. 

4. Add in the melted choco and butter mixture. Whisk till combined. 

4. Pour in 1/3 of flour followed by milk mixture. Stir well. Repeated and make sure you end with the dry ingredients. 

5. Mix till everything is smooth and just combined. Do not overtax to avoid gluten forming. It's quite a thick batter and it's so beautiful when pouring it into the pan. I wish I could have pictured it but one-man show is quite a tedious thing in the kitchen. *sniff*

Bake at 175degree for 40 minutes and TA-DA!

*Note: I noticed every time when I bake with buttermilk, the batter will be exploding like a volcano in the oven, if not, over-rising with an ugly top which I have to trim them off or cover up with frosting. Unless, baking it in a lower temperature. So I guess using soda as the leavening agent alone would be enough as it is 4x powerful than baking powder.

I have not tried it before but according to SK's chocolate loaf, it could be a thing! But that's depending on the types of cocoa (natural or dutch-processed) cos only the former will react with soda.

Time for my afternoon bite! BYEE x

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Distance love

Had an absolutely splendid night with my lovely babes yesterday!

PIT IS BACK FROM TAIWAN! Thank you so much to Zuer jie & Pit for driving all the way down to JB for the meet up, though i know you are super tired after a hard day at work. Truly blessed to have a sister like you even with no blood relations. :')

Finally got my Jap food craving fixed ! Seriously, it's hard to find decent Jap restaurant in JB despite Warakuya, or Kampachi if you were to go for the high end side. And as I was browsing through the net, I found out there's a newly opened sushi outlet in Bukit Indah, so we decided to give it a try hoping it could satisfy my taste bud. Thank God, it did ! :D

Dinner @ Sushi Mentai.
I love jap restaurants with the conveyer belt especially when hunger strikes so badly you could just grab them without having to wait ! 

See what I meant? :p those sushi plates were from me *huge grins* 

Poor jie who just tightened her braces so she could only chew on soft food like this. And her 5 chawanmushi *laugh-cry-emoticon*

Pit's salmon bento. Not bad considering there's 2 pieces of fish

Oh my my, favorrrrrrrite sashimi ! They aren't of the best quality but no complain at that price! The shrimp was really good btw!

Happy girl :D

Like i told you, the shrimp was really good! I had 3 portions! (of sashimi & nigiri)

You know something isn't right when you see that face =.=

Dropping tissue paper into her cup. Yeahhh

Jie looks so happy! :D

Verdict? A whopping 4/5 for the food ! Definitely worth a second visit ! BTW, they're chain stores so they've a few outlets around the JB area. Check out their Facebook if you're interested. :)

Was super full after the very satisfying dinner so we had a walk at the nearest mall, which is Jusco! For groceries and household stuff lol! But you know, groceries shopping is very enjoyable as well ;) It also serves as a good exercise so that we could go on for another round, of desserts! :D

Got them sweet tooth fixed at Marco Polo, also one of my fave spot to dine in. Their pizza is by far the best in JB I would say. Love especially their thin & crispy crust ! And I recently found out they've added a dessert shell, more options for desserts yo! 

The brownie was huge! But not really to my liking, the crust was hard and tasted a bit burnt. not sure if it's supposed to be that way :/

Sticky date sponge pudding! The name reminds me so much of UK but definitely not the taste :/

Oh wells, their ice-cream was good nevertheless. Heh. All in all, I think their niche is still the main meal/hot food, not exactly the desserts. Oh but! their waffles are good I must say. And a few of the originals on their menu like tiramisu. 

As expected, waitress are not good at photographing..

Hence, we need a selfie! ;)

So yeah, that was my amazing Monday night with the loveliest people on Earth. Looking forward for more outing with them soon! And we actually got our next food spot planned already *hypes in anticipation* ! 

Have a great week ahead, y'all & till next time! x

Friday, January 09, 2015

Daddy's birthday!

Happy birthday to my beloved Daddy! xx

My dad has gotta be the best dad in the world (in my world) ! I bet this is what most people would say. Well, he indeed is! He provides me with unconditional love, a lovely shelter, satisfies all my needs & desires, tolerates all my sh*t, spoilt & raises me like a princess. He has never demanded anything from me, especially in my studies. Many times I complained to him about my results during uni, he would always tells me that I am the best though I know I'm not! Being the youngest at home, & also the apple in his eyes, he has never wanted me to leave him & study anywhere away from him. While I was in the UK, I told him that I'm so happy being there and i don't wanna be back in M'sia, and he told me to extend my stay there as long as I am happy. I know it often saddens him that I'll wanna settle down in the USA after my graduates. But still, he gave in and allowed me to expand my wings.

Thank you, daddy. For everything that you've done & sacrificed for me. A hug & kiss & saying "I love you" everyday is never enough to show my gratitude towards you. Besides striving for the best for the future, I wonder how else can I repay your love. Perhaps, it's through my offsprings in the future (lol, now we talk about that). But I think i'm old enough to be involved in such topic. No denial needed, it's a stage of life according to Erik Erikson! (off topic: and this just reminded me that I need to start studying & brush up my psych!!)

Had a simple yet hearty dinner at Dad's favourite restaurant.
Lobster bisque *slurps* the bisque is indeed loaded with the freshness & juice of the lobster with a hint of salted egg yolk. Very very yummy!

Claypot dragon grouper

Braised Chinese Shiitake with sea cucumber and celery

Typical stir fried lettuce

Kampung style steamed half chicken with garlic ginger & chilli dip

We also had the typical longevity noodle aka show mein which I didn't snap it cos it doesn't really look that appealing for it's like a custom to order that dish heh. 

And of course, how could cake be missed for a celebration!? Baked a Shotokeki aka Strawberry Japanese Shortcake but in the cheat version (single layer) for dad! Since it's the season of strawberry now & dad loves vanilla so yeah! In fact, the whole family love this cake! It's like one of those must-order whenever we have afternoon tea out, provided it's available in the cafes. 

He was so tempted to have the whole cake as his own I knew that!

I made the cake such a mini size cos I know everyone will be super full after the dinner and won't be able to enjoy bigger portion and i hate seeing leftover in the fridge as well. Oh wells, it's good to make people crave for more sometimes ;)

Deliberately bought a pack of digit-candles and dad was like, "oh no! now everyone knows my age!" 
I thought such line only comes from a female lol
A thumb up from him!

Just to show you the texture of the cake. Very very light & airy sponge cake, topped with honey greek yoghurt whip & fresh strawberries!

I personally don't favour such cake because I prefer denser & richer cake. Oh wells, not my birthday after all. I sound so whatever *with that hand gesture* :p

Dad looks constipated from opening the champagne but apparently, it's his favourite picture. lol

Cheers for a better year ahead ! HUAT AH :D

Last but not least, I wish you the best of health and prosperity of your business! May God's blessings always be upon you! And I LOVE YOU TO THE BACK AND MOON AND THE CORE OF MY LIFE XXX

Saturday, January 03, 2015


Happy New Year, everyone!!

A year flew past in a blink of an eye! So how had 2014 been for you?
To me, it was a year where I transformed across different stages of life. Experienced work (internship), studying abroad (Lancaster, England), took on an adventure (Weekend Paris trip, alone!), graduation, recognising my health issue, recuperating from my sickness, and many more meaningful and nonsense which nevertheless helps me to grow more spiritually!

I thank God for his presence in my life that shields me, guides me and leads me along the journey of life and i can never be thankful enough to be in whatever position I am right now. OK to prevent a long winded thanksgiving post, I just hope 2015 to be a better year & a blasting one for myself and you you YOU! :)

BTW, the picture above is featuring my final bake of 2014 & product to be enjoyed in 2015! and the very adorable pikachus! lol
Mini Oreo cheesecake! :D

I'm never really a fan of cheesecake, I think I've said this before; that I only like cheese on pizza, pasta etc but not in the form of cake. BUT oreo is an exception cos it's just so heavenly good, YA!

& in case I'm overloading my blog with pictures of food, which always prompt to :(
here's some selfie of yours truly!

Thinking of getting a change in my hairstyle for this brand new year, any ideas? Centre parting? i'm so bored over the bangs/fringe. But seriously, I'm so lazy into styling my hair nowadays. Probably also because my hair texture is improving, it's getting healthier, smoother & shinnier! Unlike in the past where it used to be so dry, dull & frizzy!

Lesser management for hair styling is good, also helps me to reduce spending on styling products :p hehehe but still, I want some kinda hairstyle that is easy to manage and don't require much styling after washing/before i get outta the house. Howwwwwwww..?