Friday, August 14, 2015

NezCooks: Pesto

L is for the way you look at me.. :)

The fatty is finally back from the cheese-land ! :D 
Apparently everyone is mocking at his weight-gained and I do feel the extra cuddliness from him! Hence, made him some healthy meals in order to avoid the expansion of his fats layer because we need to save that for our Hong Kong trip!!

Being French, it's impossible to completely remove cheese and alcohol from his diet but anything in moderation still works perfectly in any cases.

First up,  grilled salmon with parmesan sour cream sauce, with a side of salad lightly flavoured with olive oil and french dressing and some baked potato wedges! Perfect portion of healthy fats, protein and carbs :)

While the other day I was busy dating my girlfriends, the poor boy had to settle his own dinner with a plate of plain pasta IDK how he does it since I disallow him to have maggie. And so, he kinda hinted for wanting some homemade pesto, which is definitely our top top top favourite pasta sauce!! :D

Picked some fresh basils from my garden and started working on them the right next day! 

Well, pesto sauce is really some simple deal that everyone could make it with just a handful of ingredients. You don't exactly need a recipe but just add them ingredients to your desire on the level of flavours :)

My recipe is as follow:

50g Fresh basil leaves
1 tbsp Lemon juice
1 clove Garlic
10 Cashew nuts*
1/4 cup Olive oil (I use extra virgin)
Parmaggiano cheese

Your food processor will really saves you lotsa chore here. Simply blend the first 4 ingredients in the food processor till fine, then add in olive oil and continue to blend till smooth. 
Add cheese at last and stir well. 

You could use the traditional way of pastel and mortar, which would be a good exercise to tone your arms :p 

*I can't get any pine nuts in M'sia (at least not places that I know of) so I use the cashew nuts, which is the only nuts I have on hands and also my fave nuts. I'm not sure if you could substitute them with walnuts/almonds etc but would be good to try :) since they'd somehow give off the fragrance and healthy oil in it. 

TA-DA! A jar of fresh homemade pesto sauce is done! 

Seriously, why bother getting store-bought sauces when you can make them? I really adore having everything homemade cos they are just healthier and yummier! Not bragging but the sauce is so insanely good I was SO tempted to swept them clean on my own!

You could also be versatile with the sauce. I spread them on my baked eggplant or toast, which make a real great snack! 

Or to make baked fish.. 

Monkey face :p

Salmon literally soak up the gist of pesto and was baked to perfection. Not too hard and flaky but tender and smooth.!

Another spread of meal for the boy..
Pesto baked chicken. That was my first time making this dish and it turned out unexpectedly incredible!! The chicken breast was so tender and it has even released its juice and essence after being baked which contributes to so much flavour for the sauce. I initially was quite fearful about the meat might turned out dry and hard if not properly handled. God is SO amazing!!

The boy couldn't stop complimenting it which makes me really really happy *HUGE GRINS*

Egg salad. And that bacon aglio olio was prepared for the next day, or in case he's not full with the chicken and salad. 

He is truly one sweetheart that I would quit chocolate for him.

Je veux être avec toi pour toujour

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Everything's gonna be alright

Hello August :) it's another new month, new challenges and new life ahead ! :)
Well, I guess my challenges are to continue throwing my CV to companies around the places as I have been rejected by those few that I applied to last month. Such a sadistic that I can't do much with my bachelor degree :( but I won't give up!

On a lighter note, been meeting up with the girls a lot since Shar is back from The States! So last week, Wei recommended us this Harvests @ Senibong Cove.

Ambience was definitely the hit for dinner :)

I had grilled tenderloin with vege of the day & potatoes. I requested for medium but it was kinda overcooked :/ thank goodness the meat wasn't tough and the whole dish was decent.

We aren't very pleased with the service here due to the poor communication skills of waitresses.

Verdict? 3/5

And yesterday, we had another catch up session before Shar starts school next week. Baked them some muffins since the rain made me crave for some, while I can share them without the problem of getting fat myself :p

Just some simple vanilla and chocolate chip babies.

Hang around the mall with Shar while waiting for Wei to knock off and bring us for dinner @ Warakuya since she had voucher.

Okonomiyaki which I've been craving for. YUMS!

Yakiniku set.

Shar babe x

After that, we tagged along Wei to 8lido since she has a meeting there. They just renovated but it's not completely done yet. Share and I were basically feeding them mosquitoes the whole night, even insects repellent spray didn't work T.T

Had a great time with them nevertheless! xx

Monday, July 06, 2015

Blessed 24th :)

Happy birthday to myself & Happy Independence Day to my beloved country, America! :D 

Woke up to a rainy morning feeling all fresh to face the day, year ahead with a older/wiser mindset ! Praise God for the good start since it's been scotching hot recently :) 
Had my first round of celebration aka the birthday lunch with my beloved friends. We had my favourite cuisine, Japanese, at a new restaurant- Wa Zen Izakaya! There're finally more quality yet affordable Jap food to satisfy me now, double YAYNESS :D 

The few of us early birds were already hungry so we just had a quick order to fill our stomach in a bit before everyone else arrived. It is always an easy peasy job for me to take order whenever at the Jap restaurant because I always opt for those few of my favourite- UNAGI, shiro maguro (white tuna), or any sashimi as well as some nigiri like ika, hotate & uni :)

Furthermore, the menu does have a wide varieties yet not overwhelming. Too much variety may imply that the particular restaurant has no specialty which may be a bad thing! So this was just nice for everyone :) As soon as the food arrived, we don't tuck in immediately..

we carried out the Asian selfie ritual instead -____- 

Well i don't usually do this but since I had my camera with me, why not? :p

The appetizer:
Sashimi salad. The sashimi was fresh, love especially the salmon & squid. It also came with sesame dressing. 

Takoyaki ! It's been so long since i last had it !

The following 3 are my main course
Unagi hotpot ! I LOVE UNAGI with egg but most restaurant would have it as a don (with huge portion of rice under it) and i would usually eat only the topping and leave the rice untouched unless someone wants it. However, WaZen does serve it without rice! How can I ever resist this! 

Shiro maguro cappaccio with Yuzu dressing. So refreshing and YUMS! 

Uni Gunkan. Kinda disappointed with this as it wasn't very well-prepared, the fishy smell was too strong :/ 

As most people know I don't take rice (only at very very small portion in special occasion), so yeap! 

Ting's Katsu Curry Rice

Shuting's Sashimi Don

The others also ordered Unagi Bento Set and Udon Soup which I'm too lazy to snap them. They were happy with their food, just so you know if those happened to be your fave choice. 

We tried eating at a SUPER slow pace before Jazz & Juinyie arrived but Jazz baby was just too the time she came, our table were already nicely cleaned by the staff. LOL!!

But little did I know..
She was late because she came with surprise!!

Okay I know the cakes position are a bit wrong :p

Aw :') thanks everyone for the lovely card, gift & well-wishes! xx

With Lean, also the July baby!

Jazz baby with her Salmon Don!

Poor thing, she had to eat alone with all of us starring at her. Not really, we were savouring on the cakes as well ! Heheh

Overall, the food & services here was decent :) Would definitely be back!
Verdict? 4/5 

After lunch, we decided to head over for our second round to have some tea. So we settled at Grazia Cafe :) we frequent this cafe a lot as we all love its ambience, services & of course, their F&B.

Had a pot of buckwheat tea to aid with digestion after the heavy lunch! Smells pretty much like my favourite breakfast- oatmeal. Loving' that mild fragrance :) 

We went crazy with pictures-taking I think most people in the cafes are starring at us! Then we actually realised there was a signboard saying, keep your voices low to prevent disturbing others. OOPSIE! 

Oh wells, we still had fun! YOLO! :p

It was a fun-filled afternoon with them :) they never fail to cheer me up, as always! It could've been more fun with a few more of them around but anyways, they shall compensate for that! *evil grins*

At night, it was finally the family celebration time and we had it at Gin Gastronomy Italian :) it's just a few door steps away from the Jap restaurant earlier on. We initiated planned to have it at Loong Sing Restaurant (yeah chinese food to incorporate with the others' preference) but thankfully it was full house! :D so we had my fave italian instead ;) God's plan! It's my birthday after all. Amen! 

Been wanting to try this out ever since I heard some good reviews from a friend. I'm a sucker for Italianese, unfortunately they don't serve pizza here! :( how can that be missing from an Italian restaurant? 

Cheese bread stick served upon arrival (FOC)

The usual focaccia as appetiser (FOC) they've done it well especially with the extra cheese & tomato topping which you won't get it from most restaurant. By far one of the best foccacia I've had besides Giannis :)

Here comes our main entree!
My braised beef cheek with red wine with a side of mashed potato puree with vegetables. THIS WAS DELICIOUS! The beef was nicely soaked up with the red wine sauce, braised to perfection with retained moisture and tenderness. The potato puree was creamy, buttery yet not sickening. Certainly brings the level of this dish! 

Dad and his chicken parmigiana. 

Mom had squid pasta. The tomato taste is too strong to my liking. 

Bro and his spaghetti vongole. The soup/sauce alone was not bad but could've been richer as it's too bland when eaten together with the pasta :/ The amount of clams was generous btw. 

Last but not least, it was the cake cutting session! :D

Oh dear, look at how adorable it is! Parents specially custom made it. It's a chocolate cake, layered with chocolate buttercream, covered with chocolate ganache, sprinkled with white and strawberry chocolate shavings and topped with my favourite strawberries and HELLO KITTY! :DDDDD


So yeap, this pretty much sums up my simple yet joyous birthday with lotsa scrumptious food and love showed by angels all around :) always always gratefully for everything I am, praise god ! xx