Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The great weekend

Being really homesick, I made my way home over the weekend & had a quality time with the family! :) It was definitely an awesome getaway for me & has certainly perked me up to face more challenges/stress ahead. I can never thank God enough for wonderful family like mine, they're the greatest gift I'm blessed with❤

Dad brought me straight to our favourite dining place for our absolute love- SEAFOOD for dinner the moment I got back! :D it's been really long since i had a proper sumptuous meal :') Being a really stingy person to self, I always find the cheapest food I can (mix rice most of the time) since i'm staying alone and tend to settle my meals with just cup noodle/porridge. So my parents will never fail to bring me for my favourite food/cook me the most nutritious & delicious meal whenever I'm home :)

Ah, the luxury! :D
Stir fry egg noodle with assorted seafood & veggies!

Curry prawn with fried bun (Y)



Hungry yet?

Nah, that's not the end!
The Saturday was the bomb! :D was feasting throughout the day and every meals was SO satisfying and divine!

MORNING DIM SUM! This is like a must have whenever I'm back! (Y)
This is what I call, HEARTY BREAKFAST!

Omg look at that runny salted egg custard! I'm not a fan of any paus (yeah I don't eat paus) but this, is the only pau I'd eat! SO YUMMEHHHHHHH especially when it's steamy hot!

Thai green curry chicken pie, triple cheesecake (Y), espresso macchiato & the anniversary house blend tea cappuccino!

With mommydaddy ❤

There was some promotion going on since the outlet we visited was newly opened and it's also the 50th outlet for their 50th anniversary, hence, I received a membership card for free! :D
Calling for more coffee date yo! :DDD

Dad had something on so mom and I went around shopping. Intended to hunt for a new casing and bag for my baby Mac but we ended up shopping for clothes!! HAHA!

Realized that unplanned shopping is always the best because you always ended up getting what you didn't want to buy and not getting what you wanted to! Yeah, apparently the mission of getting clothes for my Mac was a total failure. LOL!
See, i even got my bed a set of new clothes. & yes, it's my fave HELLO KITTY :D

We got tired after hours of shopping so decided to find place just to sit down & chill and we spotted a stall selling bubur cha cha!
How you can resist such colorful yet natural dessert right! It's really rare seeing people selling such desserts nowadays. Oriental/local dessert wins hands down! (Y)

Dinner was good too but didn't get to snap any picture because we were too famish. Hehe! We had the famous san lou fried mee hoon and some homestyle stir fry dishes too. 

Honestly, it's not about the food that makes me feel the comfort but the people I eat with. Truly enjoy the company of my family, and appreciate it even more since i'm staying away from home. But distance holds our hearts even closer and stronger together :')

Wish I could make a trip home every weekend. I really don't mind spending money on the transportation and taking the trouble and time to travel all the way back because home, is where the hearts belong. I love my family! ❤

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Self-pampering moment

Hello! Here's some greeting from me to let the world knows that I'm still surviving heh :/

It's been 4 weeks since uni resumed and things been pretty okay so far. Praise the Lord! :') The lifestyle has been extremely routinized (rigid sounds too depressing so I shan't add on to the sadness), everyday it's just class & assignments. Noting more than that. Uni life may seem to be full of excitements and activities for most people but definitely not in my case, or i'd say not for Psychology students.

So yesterday, I decided to pampered myself a little with some sweet indulgence. Like I always say, I really enjoy sipping on a cup of good coffee & basically doing nothing at the cafe. It sure lightens up my mood & helps me to get away from all the stress, even if it's just for that short afternoon ;)

Brought my baby Mac along with the hope of downloading some stuff but the loading bar never seem to move so yeah =.= at least it did allow me to browse the net smoothly

& the staff at CBTL was such a sweetie for helping me to reserve the sofa seat since i needed the switch. :)

Texted mom while I was happily indulging in my coffee and she was actually doing the same too! Telepathy ya! :D That's probably the best common interest mom and i share, okay it's called the genes! Really miss having high tea with her & I can't wait to go home some time soon when I'm given a break from assignments wave. Naww.

Photobooth for self-amusement. lol
Isn't this what happen when you have a Mac with you? :p

The anniversary house blend cappuccino is really good I must say. It's a mixture of berry tea & vanilla bean sauce topped with milk foam. Pretty much to my liking :)
Though it's not of those typical rich cappuccino, I wonder how it still able to contribute my insomnia last night. PFFT.

Enjoyed myself very much nevertheless! :)

So this shall perk me up for the more upcoming assignments! JIAYOU AGNES!!!!
Cheers to the weekend & have a good rest, people :)