Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NezBakes: Double Chocolate Muffin

I apologize for the unappealing shot of my bakes today. But..but.. trust me, I never want it to happen!

You know how it feels when you have developed a new recipe, anxiously yet excitedly carried out the baking process and were all ready to taste the hot and fresh muffins,
*bang* everything just dropped on the ground and fell apart.

My heart shatters instantly. 

With a heavy heart, I picked them up, placed them back into the muffin tins, tried patching them up; but only managed to save 3 which are still deconstructed already. What a waste! I know :'(

However, I am still gonna eat them! They taste delicious nonetheless! Certainly a stark contrast to the picture above!

Being a sweet tooth, I often crave for chocolate products. I was in dire to get a chocolate muffin but I've ran outta baking cocoa; hence, I decided to try making these double chocolate muffins with drinking hot chocolate instead. It does give off the outcome like a chocolate cake but with a much much lighter color. These muffins have a cupcake appearance with the texture of muffin- moist, light & fluffy! They aren't exactly the rich, luscious nor extremely chocolaty kinda chocolate cake like death by chocolate or devils food cake; but rather on the comforting side. Exactly what I crave for at the moment.

Words can't describe how proud I am over them despite the mess. Definitely not a great welcoming way of a new recipe *sigh*

So here comes my recipe! Can't be happier enough to share this with y'all

Yields 6 cupcakes/muffins:
3/4 cup flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/8 tsp salt
1/4 cup aka 1/2 stick unsalted butter
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 large egg
1/4 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup water + 3 tbsp Cadbury hot chocolate (you may use any drinking chocolate to your preference) 
1/4 cup Hershey milk chocolate chips

Bake @ 165c for 30 minutes. I often bake my cakes at lower temperature to avoid over-doming, over-baking so that it produce tender cakes ;)

If you're making this recipe, never leave out the chips! It's the major essence of these yummy muffins/cupcakes!
Imagine: Chips melts in the batter as it bakes and chocolate is fully absorbed by the cake, and as you pop them into your mouth..HAPPINESS BURST OUT LIKE THE FIREWORKS!!

I am surely gonna bake these lovely muffins again and make sure they all look complete & pretty like their taste! *determinism*

Quote of the day: You may have ups and downs in life, but rainbow always come after the storm.

Cheers for the yummy cupcakes! ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NezBakes: New York Cheesecake


My oven has been really busy heating up despite the killer heat wave in Malaysia! While this recipe that I'm making is an absolute cure to the heat though it's a baked cheesecake. I don't fancy chilled cheesecake where eggs are absence and gelatine is used. No offence but they just taste sham to me :( 

I know I mentioned about myself being not a fan of cheesecake. But hey, you do still listen to songs of artists whom you're not fans of them no? ;)

I have read from a few bloggers and website saying that cheesecake is actually quite challenging due to several reasons and it requires water-bathe baking method in order to bake a perfect cheesecake. So I was a bit anxious throughout the process of making. Thank God everything turns out perfect and I personally found this is the easiest among all cakes I've baked !

But oh wells, it's a real simple one. I came out with my own recipe with the inspiration from Jamie Oliver, big fan of him!, using just 5 ingredients. Like really reeallyyyy simple right!

For the base: 1/2 cup of digestive biscuit crumbs (about 4-5 pieces) and 25g of unsalted butter. 

Simply crash the biscuits, then bring them together with melted butter. Pressed them evenly on the base of cake tin (with removable base) or a springform pan. I baked them over 175c for 10 minutes. You could just chilled it in the fridge to set. 

For the filling: An 8oz cream cheese, 1 large egg, 1/4 cup caster sugar, 1/4 tsp vanilla paste and 1 tbsp lemon juice. 

Simply cream everything together till fluffy and well combined. Make sure your cheese is at room temperate!

I baked my cake at 150c for about 50 minutes, then chilled it overnight. And the final product?


I know I've used the word "simply" thrice! Because it's a real simple one you've gotta try it out! 

To me, cheesecake is all about that base, 'bout that base! *sing along* How shall I describe my love for digestive biscuit! And the melted butter literally enhance its flavour as DB has quite a mild taste. It's like one of the healthiest snack to me! :D 

Since i don't favour too creamy kinda cheesecake, I would just leave it as its simplest and natural form with hint of lemon, which did its job well by diluting the cream cheese in a bit while giving off the citrus fragrance. A real appetising and mood-lifting dessert for the season x 

Just a little suggestion: 
  • Add a tablespoon of sugar to the base to uplift the taste. 
  • Add 1/4 cup of sour cream or greek yoghurt to the filling for creamer and richer cake. 

(Amount is compliment to the serving size I've made- 5" x 3" pan)

Try this out whether or not you're a cheesecake fan! This recipe is fantastic enough for me, & what say you? :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BBQ night

CNY day 10

We initially wanted to have a grand dinner at some restaurant but due to certain circumstances, it was called off and Lean invited us over to his place for BBQ instead. I really detest sudden since I planned to wear this beautiful dress for the dinner, which will not be suitable for the BBQ! Thank goodness I "discovered" this adorable snoopy cropped top in the closet that would be just perfect for the event.

Just so you know, it's really a bad weather to have BBQ. The heat is such a killer!

Jeremy (in blue) had to go before everything gets started. Lol. He was there merely to meet everyone, how thoughtful!

Lean bought a new grill set for the night! 
Busy setting up. Sounds like I'm an outsider for not helping but oh wells, I cut the watermelon!

Sweet & juicy wholesome goodness!

Poor Zuer jie who can't enjoy much solid food cos of the braces so I baked her yummy brownies! You can read about it in my previous post :)
She was so protective over the brownies when someone asked for a piece since that's like the only edible food for her. But few of them managed to grab some before she arrives :p *shhh*

Best sister, ever x

My lovely babes

Grill sambal sotong 

Snacking on some food as we cook/grill/bake lol

The gang found some apps that could beautify to make you look barbie-ish and everyone was crazy over it! I obviously do not fancy stuff like that. So as Desmy!

I like things natural ;)

Juinyie who I haven't seen in ages!

Spread of meal yum yums!

People who doesn't say cheese obviously have too much cheese in their mouth :x

BAOBEI the late comer!

Last but not least, how can lou sang be left out in any CNY gatherings?

Had to leave early that night cos I've relatives from S'pore coming over to visit. Bummer.
The rest stayed on till the next morning I guess. Glad that they had fun gambling :)

Sunday, March 01, 2015

NezBakes: Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate never goes wrong, in any occasion! I mean, who doesn't like chocolate?
A piece of chocolate cake after meal certainly lightens up the mood and it makes a perfect ending too :)

Since I'll be attending my friends' party and a bestie cum sister of mine is unable to chew solid food due to her braces, I decided to make some brownies to bring over. It's always good to not attend an invitation empty-handed ya?

Most brownies are usually made with large amount of flour and chocolate to give it a dense texture but these awesome brownies that I made are FLOURLESS! Yet still does provide the fudgy gooey texture with absolutely rich & decadent flavour! In this way, my darling jie can enjoy them brownie without much hassle!

Should I also mention, it is low in sugar as I sweetened them with honey! Honey and chocolate makes perfect couple!
I left out my honey in the picture :/

Melting choco and butter. Heating them up helps to bring out the flavour, adding a little bit of salt / coffee granules enhance the fragrance even more! (but I did not add in any caffeine as my darling jie can't take caffeine)

Stir constantly till they are smooth. It takes quite some time.

Once the choco mixture is done, dissolve the sugar in. Mix well, then add the honey!

Last but not least, sift in the cocoa powder. I added some corn flour which helps to structure the bake good.

It's quite a smooth and runny batter. Ready to go into the oven!

I baked mine at 160c for about 30 minutes. Beware to not over-bake!

Look at how thin they are!

Seriously, I think it's a con to make them thin & bite-sized. Cos you just can't resist sending them into your mouth!

But oh wells, since they are low fat, low sugar & flourless which doesn't bloat you up, why not? ;)
I adore guilt-free indulgence x

It feels great to be back on my baking track after the CNY! More post coming up! :D