Friday, June 03, 2016

NezBakes: Brownie cookie *special edition*

Hello, June!

I cannot believe how quickly time has flew and half of the year is gone already!

Everything has been amazing so far and I am truly grateful to God for that! Even though at times I don't feel as attached to God due to many distraction, I indeed have grown a lot spiritually through His grace, especially in my love relationship.

I must say, I am proud that both my baby and I have been growing and learning a lot from each other. On my side, I'm thankful for having such a darling who is ever so patient, passionate and genuine. It is the little things he taught me that helps me to cope better in my daily life. For example? I have been very disheartened and doubtful on myself over my fitness routine. I am absolutely disappointed on the fact that my weight has been increasing drastically even though I have been cutting down on my calorie intake, eating clean and working out. And that's why I feel stressed out each time I think about going for workout and i basically just dread through the whole session. Baby then told me work out should be something that helps you to destress and you should enjoy the process. Otherwise there's no point doing it. And he actually helps me to gain back my confidence by constantly telling me how beautiful I am, how lovely my body is despite how much I deny them and he also jogs with me. What really touches me is that he is actually willing to accommodate with me in every way, listening to my rants without turning me off, and explaining and analizing every small details with me so that I can be less OCD and tensed.

And yes you guess, this special edition of dark chocolate orange cookie is developed for him who loves combo! While this bar of choco was bought from France during the last winter!

Ingredients ( yields 11 cookies)

40g dark choco (any of your choice)
20g unsalted butter

25g egg yolk (1 yolk)
50g granulated sugar
40g sifted all purpose flour
10g dark cocoa
1/4 tsp soda
1/8 tsp salt


  1. Melt the choco and butter 
  2. Wait for the mixture to cool, then add yolk
  3. Whisk well to combine, then add in sugar and mix well
  4. Add in the rest of the dry ingredient, fold till combine
  5. Chill in the fridge for about 20mins while preheat your oven to 180c

*I also sprinkle some sea salt on the cookies just because it looks nice and I love the combo between dark choco and sea salt :) but this step is optional !

Bake for 12mins.

Let them cookies rest on the wire rack. They should be soft to touch when they come out from the oven but it will firm up more as it cools down.

Chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside!

They are rich, fudgy and decadent! They're not as sinful to be eaten since they're small in size, not overly sweet, low in fat yet flavorful!  Definitely satisfy your taste buds with one or two with a cup of afternoon tea/coffee :)

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Le France Part IV - Nantes

Hi guys!

The Le France post is almost coming to an end, while I'm feeling sad already! Each time I write on the pose, so much memories flash back and it makes me miss every moments so badly. Not exaggerating but it was really a fabulous trip that I can never ever forget. 

Anyways, moving on to our forth destination, Nantes! It's the biggest city in Bretagne. We've decided to visit there also because baby's friends who came to visit us in Malaysia last year are staying there so it'd be a great opportunity for us to catch up as well. 

The wind speed is crazy at Nantes due to its geography, that is near to the ocean. I almost got blown away, again, the moment i stepped out from the train station!
Had a quick lunch prepared by Dorianne at her apartment then off to go to visit the city center :)

Cathedral Nantes

A close up of us since the cathedral is too huge to notice us!

Place Royale. 

Outside some castle. One of the most beautiful castle Ive seen that is as though I'm in the fairytale, with drawbridge, river around the castle and all. Pretty cool

We also did some shopping while waiting for Marion and Louis to arrive and for our tea time!
Hmm, had one of the richest decadent and luxurious chocolat chad ever! 

We also had apero that night together with a few of other friends of Dorianne and her bf. 

With Marionne and Louis. They're heading back to Paris earlier since they've got work the next day!

Day 8

Saint Valentin 

So yup, the 3 couples celebrated SV together on this day. It was rather funny for me because Valentin falls on a Sunday, which means nothing is open outside! So we were quite panic since we forget to do our groceries and what not. But thank goodness one of the restaurant Dorianne know of is open!
Something makes me love M'sia a little more. Hah!

Baby surprised me (not exactly) with these in the morning,
YSL mascara & lipsticks and Laduree macarons (which we bought together the other day in Paris lol)

Oh wells, he may not be the most romantic guy that send me millions of roses on this day but that's okay. Being with him everyday is already everything to me x

After breakfast, we had a lovely walk down the city and chatted a lot. It's kinda rare for us to talk so much when there's only the two of us since we aren't much of a talker. You must be wondering what do we do at home, well, that's for you to ponder about. :p

Macam Brooklyn bridge, tapi bukan

This, was a candid and oh boy you look extraordinary good to me!

Day 9 - Last day in Nantes!

Before our train back to Paris, we went to the Pos office to send my postcard bought at the Eiffel back to Malaysia. Lol yeah after dragging for so many days. 

While on this very day as I'm posing about this, I actually just received the card! It feels exactly like, "Hello from the other side.." How amazing!

And we also did some groceries for lunch!
I'm back to becoming a chef -.-

Yums yums! 

Doreen came to see us off! 
Thank you so much for your hospitality here, it's been really a lovely weekend !

Was kinda sad otw back to Paris because my lovely trip is coming to an end. Sob :'(

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Le France Part III - Versailles

Day 6 - Chateau de Versailles

Been wanting to visit the beautiful Versailles, it's kinda far from Paris city so we had to get up super early that morning to avoid all the human jam.

Baby made us some sandwiches the night before to be brought for picnic at the Jardin in Versailles. Unfortunately it was raining just like any other days so in the end, we picnicked at the Starbucks. lol

Someone obviously think my back looks better -.- Most of my pics taken by him are like that.

Spent almost half of our day at the Versailles and the next half at Champs Elysee for some shopping!

And of course, how can we ever left out the heavenly Laduree!

Munching on our huge macarons while wandering around the street.


Nothing much happened. We headed home early for some lovey dovey session. I mean, apero for two!! Haha

Basically, apero is what french enjoys doing with a bunch of friends, chilling with some wine, snacks like saucisson, cheese, pate, baguette, nuts, etc.
Like so!

Busy packing up before we hit the bed since we have 7am train to catch for our forth city- Nantes!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Le France- Part II


So here comes the second post of my France trip, in which we moved on to our third destination- Paris!

I'm not gonna say the typical "Paris is always a good idea" but true that it is touristic and good for photoshooting. Just my personal opinion that I didn't have my best impression from there and you won't see the best and real part of France by just visiting its capital city. 

Day 4 - Paris

Had a lovely morning walk around the city center in Dijon before heading off for our train ride. It was such a sunny day, unfortunately, we're not staying there anymore. 

Bought some sandwiches and we shared a canale from Paul bakery, the most famous local bakery that you see it almost everywhere. Truly good.
I had a olive baguette with mozzarella tomato and pesto. SO SO good !

Soon as we arrived in Paris, we joined for crowd for the mundane tour Eiffel ! Isn't that like an essential whenever you're in Paris? It was rather a dramatic one this time because someone left the bag at the tower so the management and security thought it was a bomb and everyone had to stay in the area till the owner comes back for his bag or worse, the special unit will come to examine the bag! Oh dear, getting stuck in the rain at 3c wasn't fun at all ! Baby was such a sweetie in keeping me warm though :')

So yeah, IDK what was the ending of that dramatic situation because eventually as we were told to move forward to the counter for ticket, we were too excited and have literally forgotten about it! And guess what? I actually got DISCOUNTED for my ticket ! Kiddo face moi BD Whee!

The view of Paris from Eiffel is pure spectacular!

Especially when the night comes,
How breathtaking it is. 

Later, we zoom our way to Morgan's place for Apero!! It was a very lovely and warming night for baby to catch up with his old friend while I enjoy my Martini with nuts! She also showed me some pictures of them! SO adorable!!

And dman, we were late for our train back to our station for baggage claim and we also lost each other at the station and my phone was dead that whole day! :( I was extremely scared and had to get help from the police. OMG. After the second drama, we finally reunited and settled down at Marion's place without showering *dang* but they were sweet enough to got everything well-prepared for us :) cosy smelly dramatic night it was. Oops!

Day 5 -Sacre Coeur @ Mount Mantre

Good morning people! I mean, yeah, I'm tryna sound like I'm replaying that actual day to make it more interesting? Heh. Anyways, we woke up early in order to claim our baggages back from the station before we headed off to MM. We were supposed to go to Versailles on this day, plan changed because of all the drama yesterday. But you know what, God is good and He always has his best plan for you. It was such a lovely sunny morning which is absolutely perfect for mount climbing (sorta) and outdoor sight-seeing! As you know, it rains a lot during the winter and you can never really predict what's gonna happen next. 


 Another spectacular view from the top of MM.

It's one of the travel goals to visit all churches around the world. I'm definitely in love with Sacre Coeur, from its exterior, interior, scripture and that atmosphere; God's creation is just marvellous. Had some quiet time in the church praying and giving thanks. If not of time constraint, I could've stayed there all day long. That saves me a next time now ;)

It is also an ideal place to just chill around, with some baguette and cheese/pate/pickles, you name it. French food is the bomb. 

After that, we walked over to the famous Pigalle and Moulin Rouge. Not too long cos it was raining cats and dogs! Then we decided to metro our way to the city for some touristic moments. Lol

Tak halal ! Lol

Tuileries Garden is perfect for picnic during the spring/autumn! So gorgeous

It was hailing in Paris city! So painful when it hits your face!!

Musee du Louvre

Baby and I decided to head over to the Carrefour for some groceries before we head back to Marion's place for dinner! 

Look who's the chef tonight!
After being the one always doing the kitchen job, it's now his turn! Jeng jeng! Macam yes huh?

Baby made us a traditional french dish, Quiche! It was SO good! We also had some side salad. YUMS!

The first time i had quiche was during my uni time in the UK and had a pretty bad impression on it. But this, is absolutely delicious! Authentic and comforting :) gonna make him cook more now!


Okay I think i'm gonna split this Paris post into two since I'm sick right now. Was down on fever yesterday and completely drowsy at work. And this morning, i woke up to a burning throat and literally drunk myself with honey lemon honey green tea water just to flush them heat off. But now! I can so sense that marathon in my nose, that's not a good sign bae. I hope I'll still be able to meet my client looking fabulous omg wish me luck!

so yeah, gonna turn in real soon. Till next post! xx