Sunday, February 26, 2017

GRWM: Evening Glam Look + product reviews

Hello you!

I have been experimenting and watching many different make up, mainly focusing on the eyes with my palettes and realised Asians and Westerners way of wearing make up are pretty distinctive. Considering having big eyes as an Asian, I still can't quite apply eye shadow the same way as most whites do.

And tonight's make up is by far the most satisfying one I've done. Definitely getting the hang of it ;)


  • Urban Decay All Night Foundation (Got a sample from Sephora to try on. It feels a bit cakey on my skin, and looks cracked on nose. Light to medium coverage. Not quite recommended.)
  • Maybelline concealer
  • Maybelline Duo Stick contour


  • Too Faced Sweet Peach blush & highlight


  • Urban Decay Brow box -brown sugar (Absolutely love this! Very easy to shaped. Only con is that it doesn't have the brush that makes your brows stay so might be a bit messy on close up. But still good!)


  • Zoeva Cocoa blend palette (LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette! Very pigmented and warm colors. The only color I don't like is the cream highlight- no highlight effect/poor pigmentation)
  • Two Faced Chocolate palette (My ultimate go-to palette! Easy to build up and blend in. I used it for brow bone and inner eye corner highlights)
  • Zoeva Brown pencil liner 
  • Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Very fibrous. Makes your lashes long yet light weighted) 


  • YSL Rough 01 (nobody can take over YSL, hands down the BESTEST)
  • Nudestix -Capri (stays all day long! Love!)

I would probably film a video on make up tutorial. But till then!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Joyeux Saint Valentine

As much as many like to say, Valentines' Day is just a commercial gimmick, girls still enjoy and look forward to receiving flowers, having a little celebration or planning on something special on this day. While guys may or may not seem to enjoy it as much, they just ought to do it because it makes your girls smile :)

Knowing my guy is definitely not one of those super romantic guy in this world *like seriously, I wish i could include that eye-rolling emoji here* he actually surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful roses in my fave pink!

We didn't actually plan this day in advance or so, just wanted a simple dinner or so. I had a massive craving for pizza that night but sadly was told that most restaurants only serves Valentines' course that day. So we decided to dine in at one of our fave western restaurant.

He is mine. 

Absolutely love these flowers! But it's sad to see them wilting and being turned into dried flowers now. 

Dinner was scrumptious! Started with a fruit punch cocktail, smoked salmon salad, pan seared foie gras, the main was black angus tenderloin for me & grilled lamb shank for him. It ended with a sweet note of chocolate cake with mousse & ice-cream which was absolutely delicious!

Pictures are apparently taken from insta story.

Thank you bae for another wonderful year spent together. I love you so much xx

Monday, January 02, 2017

Bonne Annee!

Happy 2017 everyone!

2016 was gone too quickly. It was definitely one of the best year I had in my life (by far). So much gain, not so much pain, I must have been really lucky! 

Relationship wise, it was certainly the year we grew stronger & closer as we got to spend more time together traveling and basically do most things together.

Career wise, it was my first official year working in the company (minus off the probation period) and it was absolutely incredible. I started branching out into big projects with another department and learned so much about the industry. It was surely a great achievement.

How amazing!

While before 2017 approached, I was already missing 2016 already. But I wanna do better this year, and strive harder in all areas! 

Celebrated the NYE with the usual party gang at Helipad lounge KL. We headed up on the morning itself, had a night stay in the bunk hostel (meh) and headed home the next morning because most of us work on Monday. Bummer, I know. 

Dinner @ TGIF! My fave beef fajita!

View of the night with lotsa camwhore, dancing, drinking :)

Girls squat

Life is amazing with you xx

Party squad

Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmassssss!

The most wonderful time of the year! It is certainly my favourite season of all time and always will I anticipate for it. & I must say, I definitely have had the most incredible Christmas, or even, year throughout my 25 years of life.

I am so thankful to be able to spend it with my love ones who are consistently showering me with loves and laughters. I am truly blessed, Amen!

On Christmas eve, baby and I decided to throw a small party at our apartment with some snack foods, like the usual apero but with more decorations around the house. Hence, we set up the super mini tree as you see above. Absolutely LOVE the fairy lights! It just makes everything so festive and cosy.

 Baguette, saucisson, brie, pate, mixed nuts, wine, veges & dips, salad nicoise, tortilla & salsa and unhealthy chips that baby insisted. lol'

I also made a dozen of cupcakes which were in the fridge since they've frosting on it.

 While waiting for everyone to arrive. Obviously was late..

On the 25th, we both woke up around 10am, had breakfast and started cleaning the mess we made the last night. HAH. This is what happens when you decided to be the host. But I've no complains!

Later in the day, we went into S'pore for some festive lights sight-seeing but unfortunately, the weather wasn't being good and we ended up hanging around the malls in the city. Baby got himself a pair of shoes (like finally)

And we had the very essential food for winter- RACLETTE !!!
Makes me miss France so much :(

 Melt oh melt.

I hope you're drooling already because I certainly am!

Tuck in!

I sure did enjoy this weekend. Can't believe the year has went by in a blink of an eye, but this has been a fruitful year which i cannot be more thankful over everything that has happened.

May you have another fabulous year ahead! Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year! xx