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Brittany is officially my number favourite place to be! Everything is awesome here. Be it the weather, the vibes, the people, the food and most of all, thats where the boy is from & grew up.

The journey from Brussel to Brittany was crazy. We took the SNCB to Paris, and due to the system failure in train, we have to take another longer crazier route to the station where we take our transit train to Brittany. Had a massive run and thought we couldn't make it. I almost broke down but thank God we made it. Just a minute before it departs!

The Maman picked us up from the train station then off we go for our dinner at the beach. But had a lovely walk along the shore before the dinner.

Greeted by this cutie (not) when we enter the house!

Baby all excited digging his room and showing me his memorable past!

We had an early night after the long day spent on trains.

DAY 2!
 The Maman already bought us some fresh and delicious croissant and baguette before she went off for work! How sweet…

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