Friday, July 03, 2015

July- The birthday month!

July has always been my favourite month as it is my birthday month, as well as the America independent day! So much for being an american baby, this is definitely my pride!

This year is however an exception because my baby will be away :(
Birthday is an occasion that I always anticipate about since I was young cos it's everyone's special day- the belief I carried in me till i hit 21st. I don't really celebrate my birthday merrily like how I did since then. It feels like just another day to me, but with extra loves, wishes shower upon me. Guess it is just like when we wish our parents for mothers' or fathers' day, they want it not just for the day itself but everyday to be as special.

Is this a sign of growing oldup? Heh

Still, I had a new hair cut for the brand new month!

Never had my hair in such short length before. I actually told my stylist to chop off 3-4 inches of my hair and it is now at my shoulder length. I must be crazy! & I've never seen my stylist chopping off my hair so carefree-ly without the worries of this nasty girl :p 

Chinese always have this saying that cutting your hair off meaning buang suay aka throw bad luck away! Hope it will really bring me better luck for the next half of 2015! (also for the rest of my life! lol)

Gonna miss having you around for this month.

Such a coincidence that he had to go on a business during his birthday month, & now, my birthday month =.= pffft

On a lighter note! I baked cookies today! :D

Been craving for some cookies, and just SO happened that I was left with the exact measurement of flour & butter, I decided to clear up my pantry by making my fave snacks! This is my first time baking them cookies, and I am sure that I wouldn't purchase any cookies out there anymore! 

After doing much research on the perfect chocolate chip cookies, I have decided to divide my batter into 3 parts and bake them on 3 different days to test the effect on texture of these cookies. As I have read, baking cookies right away yields a less flavourful cookie while chilling the dough yields more flavourful cookies as it helps to loosen up the gluten development as well as allowing the butter to infuse and get to know each other better. 

Indeed, I don't quite favour my first batch of cookie, which I baked them right away as they tasted bland and chewy :/

I sorta underbaked them and realised that soft & chewy cookie really isn't my thing :( Mom loves them though, she grabbed 3 instantly!

As for the second batch, the dough was chilled overnight and they were so buttery and fragrance! It was so tempting that you wanna eat them even before they're out from the oven! They tasted like some butterscotch or Danish butter cookie with more crunch & chocolaty- exactly how i love my cookies to be! xx
I sprinkled them instead of folding in the chips since it's for my birthday :) also, I want it to be like a pure butter cookie to taste it as its finest. YUMS!

I also baked some into nutella-stuffed and plain butter cookies. They're finger licking good but i'll still save some of them for my friends during my birthday party tomorrow hehe ;)

My recipe is adapted and modified from several bakers-

Ingredients: (appx. 26 cookies, 1 tbsp each)
1 cup All purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup + 2 tbsp unsalted butter
1/4 cup granulated white sugar
1/4 cup soft brown sugar
1 large egg
1/2 tsp vanilla paste 
Add on:
Hershey semi-sweet chocolate chips*Spinkles

Bake at 180c for 20mins (with foil covered for the first 15mins to avoid over-browning)

I will use milk chips instead of semi-sweet in the future as my cookies aren't really sweet. The former also melts more so if you prefer a gooey chocolaty cookies, milk chips is what you need.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shopping madness

Again, I tagged along my brother & his friend to KL for the weekend. Wasn't really in the mood for shopping or even making this trip but since my guy had to work over the weekend and I've no plans so why not i thought. Well, great things always happen unintentionally and boy, I went crazy over the spring clearance sales & summer wear!

I felt extraordinary lucky to have found everything that I've been dreaming of (like I tend to have this imagination of certain design & fashion code in my mind before I shop) and gleefully grabbed them without a second thought! I still feel surreal over the hauls that I've gotten and yes, they are essential and definitely NOT compulsively purchased because I do LOVE and NEED them!

Breakfast dim sum @ Ta Si Xi before setting off!
That was upon finishing obviously. Oops!

Thank goodness the journey was smooth and we managed to arrived just in the perfect timing for afternoon tea! Was in dire to get a chocolate brownie so I got it fixed @ Secret Recipe which has gotta be one of my fave dessert chain.
It was disappointing though :( I've always love their cakes but this was my first try for their brownie, also gotta be my last!

At night, I met up with the laopengyou then off we go to my second home! :D
I don't care if the picture quality is crappy as long I've my bestie with me xx

Headed over to Sunway Pyramid for shopping the moment i got things settled down in the hotel. Not a second shall be wasted ! HEHEHE


But first, let my tummy get fuel up with some yummy pasta @ Pomme Fries. It's only my second time visiting the stall (located at the food street in Asian Avenue) but they are good enough to be in my top visiting list! Be it food, services, pricing & varieties; they definitely do it well.

Homemade spinach pappardelle with mushroom in cream sauce! YUM YUM!

Their portion is huge (for a girl) but I finished it nonetheless! It was really delicious, provided it was only my only meal for the day. I've also tried their Pesto pasta and mussels, they were great too! Hardly any restaurant in Malaysia serves pesto because not many favour it, while some just can't make it right.

Verdict? 4/5! :)

Some snap shots taken.
Golden sheep for the year of sheep!

Ah second home! It's been almost a year since I left this place but i'm always back to visit. Nostalgic much :')

And look what I found !
Banana flavor tic tac!

Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of minion, banana fruit nor I've ever have the thought of catching the movie but since the boyfriend wanted to watch it that day to satisfy the child in him, it was actually a good movie for great laughter! Hehe. And this is for him :)

Loots for the day!!

You're gonna see moreeeee :p

Day 3 - Last feast @ Sean's :'(

Sean's parents decided to move back to Korea and closed down their korean restaurant, hence we had our last feast there for lunch+dinner (yeah it was from 3pm till 5pm)

Bye Mama Kim! :'( I hope it's not the last time we meet !

Will always miss the scrumptious, comforting and amazing korean cuisine here! Especially those time when I was ill and had no appetite at all, your food here never fails to brighten up my day & heal me inside out. Everything will be well-missed & appreciated. xx

Long & behold, my hauls over the weekend ! 
14 outfits, a pair of footwear & socks & a bag (which I bought it just to throw everything I bought into the bag since they were too much & heavy! Plus, it's pretty & on sales!! :p)

Yes, still can't believe i did this! this trip has certainly gotta be my MOST successful shopping spree, like ever! Summer isn't just for the beach, it's also for SHOPPING!!!! :D

Till then! xx

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Boyfie's overdue 26th!


Had a rather chillax Saturday with the boyfriend yesterday :) Instead of squeezing in a noisy cafe/cinema or any public places with the crowd like usual, lying on the sofa and doing nothing (not exactly but you don't need to know details, do you?) could be lovely too!

Anyways, celebrated his overdue birthday yesterday since he went on working trip during his birthday month so yup. It was quite a successful surprise (Amen!) and glad that he loves everything :)

It took me quite some time in deciding which cake to bake but since I found these lovely heart-shaped baking tin at Daiso last week so I thought, why not the Red Velvet ! While it is also my fave cake :D

Ain't it just perfect ;)

I also made cream cheese frosting to it, added with lotsa lemon rind which certainly gives the frosting a kick!

BTW, it's my third time making this cake and this has certainly gotta be THE best that I've ever made! Guess it's somehow related to mental tricks :p

So back to the celebration. The boyfriend picked me up as usual and he actually suggested to have coffee at some new cafe the night before. I agreed anyhow and when I got into the car,

Me: Maybe we shouldn't go for your croissant today.
Him: Why?
Me: Because we'll have something better. SURPRISE! *throws him the cake and present*

& off we go to his place for our mini celebration :D
Also bought our fave drinks from starbucks drive-thru otw home.

The cake was fabulous! Glad that he enjoyed it too.


Boyfriend made me Foie Gras (that he brought back from France) on toast for dinner *inserts laugh cry emoji*
Call that luxury if you want, delicious nonetheless!

Well, that of course won't make a proper dinner so we decided to go for pizza at Giannis!
We were lucky the owner was at the Permas Jaya outlet and that we got to have the best taste of the food since it was prepared by him personally :)

The smoked salmon pizza! Look at that generous amount of salmon. Plus the salmon roe that came in later which was so fresh that they burst and melt in your mouth after the bite! Yums!

We were both super sleepy halfway through the dinner. Too much zzzz in the afternoon :p
Anyways, there goes our lovely day :) Bonne Nuit! xx

Thursday, June 04, 2015

NezBakes: French Yogurt Cake

Spring is the season of lemon while I've got some fresh & juicy meyer lemons on hand. Can't think of a better way to make use of them besides having it with my all-time fave salmon dishes, hence, a cake is baked! :)

This citrusy & tangy cake is so appetising and suitable for all-day indulgence I assure you. It's not of those dense cake which would be too heavy for breakfast or after a meal. I had it as my breakfast this morning AND also as my afternoon tea!

Furthermore, this cake is so simple & quick to make! You can enjoy them in less than an hour without the hassle of using any complex tool like electric mixer. All you need is like a measuring jar for the wet ingredients, a bowl for the dry and of course, a whisk! That's all. Breakfast is never a problem! *wink*

I always always find it a brilliant idea to use greek yogurt in baking as it keeps the cake moist, provides rich & creamy texture AND best thing, it's a good substitute for part of fats due to it's high protein & low fat properties! Greek yogurt is definitely one of my staple food that I'll always have in the fridge. I like it with fresh berries if no baking :)

Speaking of its goodness, you've gotta make this cake immediately because it only contains ONE tablespoon of oil! Yes! Being an enthusiastic for healthy eating yet sweet tooth, I've always been trying out recipes with lesser oil/butter and sugar. This certainly helps in satisfying my crave for them desserts while maintaining a relatively good diet! Oh wells, I do make naughty desserts once in a while as treats & rewards. After all, I believe heaving everything in moderation is the best; also, life is about enjoyment ya ;)

Recipe adapted & modificated from Epicurious.

Ingredients: (yields 5"x2" loaf tin)
1/2 cup self-raising flour
1/4 cup granulated white sugar (preferably caster sugar but I was running out of it)
1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
2 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon oil (I use corn oil, any flavourless oil would do)
1 large egg
Simply mix the first two dry ingredient, give them a good whisk. Then combine the rest of the wet ingredient, mix well. Add the wet into dry, stir till well-combined. Done!

I baked mine at 175c for 40mins. 

This is how a perfect loaf cake should always look like! A cut in the center with golden top which is not hard, crunchy nor cripsy :)

Like most cakes, it taste better overnight and keeps well up to 2 days in an air-tight container. I made this last night and it's now all gone already so yup!

I don't usually have any glazing for my loaf cake since i'm lazy but I think it's moist enough that you don't quite need it. Okay, at least, to me. BTW, this cake is very lemony & not sugary sweet at all so you can make adjustment to your own. To me, it tastes more like a mild cream cheese cake, exactly what I was looking at.

Oh oh! I've got a pretty essential & helpful tips for those of you who are using a convection oven, place a small bowl of water in your oven while baking as it helps to keep your bake goods moist & tender!

Credible enough as this was told by a friend of mine who works as a dessert chef in Double Tree by Hilton Hotel ;) it changes the life of your baking journey, no doubt!

Macarons is on my next baking list! Hopefully to create one that (for sure wouldn't taste any like Laduree which I had in Paris) would fix my madness over it. Heh.

Till then! xx