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Positive body image

Not sure if it's too random for me to talk about topic like this, but i've got to be honest to myself and to you who are reading my blog. 
Growing up, I was never the girl with perfect body. I was very much inconfident about everything that I was because even my parents put me down. As a kid, I definitely have taken it into heart and would not have think otherwise like an adult. Well, even adults some times are being bounded by what others think/say about themselves rather than really knowing and behaving like themselves. Sounds confusing?

I guess living in Asia, where people have more collective thinking and living culture; it is inevitable to be labelled, judged, stereotyped by the society. This is extremely negative and detrimental to one's mental health, however, we do still practice this in our every day live unconsciously. 

Here I am, 158cm tall- I find it a pretty common height as a girl in Asia yet most people call me short.  I'm perfectly fine though, as long as …

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