Good food overdose

So yeap, back in Uni and the week has been lovely cos mommy decided to come over to keep me company for a week :D Although there's still plenty of work to be done but stresses seem to be vanished whenever I have my loved ones with me.

Having mommy here with me also allows me to enjoy all the expensive meals in the mall instead of the sad cheap unhealthy looking food at the hawkers nearby my Uni. HEHE. Hence, another series of food porn ahead to make you drool :p

Monday- Lunch @ Thai Thai❤ Our fave + must eat. Thai food is always awesome and we'll never get bored of it (yet) lol

Mommy & her prawn pineapple fried rice. So yummehhhhh!

Tom yum soup with thai flat rice noodles. *salivary gland activated*

Such a coincidence that mom & I wear dressed like a banana HAHA

Tuesday- High tea @ Starbucks❤
Wanted to have black pepper chicken pie but they only have the creamy one at this outlet. & Hot mocha with lots of cocoa powder is loved ! :D

Wednesday- Lunch @ Barbera. I've been craving for PIZZA & my dream came true like finally!
Everything we ordered were generally very yummy :) The seafood for my aglio olio were fresh & juicy!

Still can't get over the goodness of the heavenly pizza so here's a close up picture for it :D ❤

Wonder what we are gonna have for lunch today *smirks* seriously I think I've put on a lot of weight already and if I were to continue stuffing myself with food, I'm sure to end up looking like a pig :( need to resist temptations!

Anyways, just submitted one of my essay & let's hope it'll be a good one! *fingers crossed* 4 more reports, 2 more presentations & finals, then it's 3 months of heavenly semester break ahead :DD i can't wait already though it's only the 8th week of the semester. Sigh! How motivating.

It's Hari Haji tmrw, which means public holiday! TGIF in advanced & have a great weekend people!


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