Mid-sem break

Here am I feeling all sad while typing this post because it's the last day of me being home which marks the end of holidays :( I don't even know why the Uni call it a holiday when we are still assigned with tonnes of work which are due right after the break. Didn't really enjoy this holiday partly also because I was down on fever for the first few days. Anyways, being home simple means food enjoyment as always :) DaddyMommy never fail to bring me out to eat at places I like as well as cooking my favourite dishes for me. Feels so loved and blissful ❤

Here's some pictures taken before I set off for home. Had my Communication presentation as the last task of my first half semester which I did pretty well :D Was extremely happy over it so kawan & I went celebrating it at Zanmai !
In my formal attire hehe

That was how much the both of us ate. FANTASTIC BABY! (not a fan of BB though)

Super bloated but satisfied for sure! :D

Contented ladies posing at the restaurant lol

Back in the hostel still excited over everything that happened that day, hence, ended up with camwhore sessions instead of packing my luggage for home.
Pardon me for the dirty mirror :/ I've no idea how to clean it because everytime I attempted to clean it, it becomes dirtier :O

Bought some imported kit kat for my family and this few packs of chocos cost me more than 70bucks omg but definitely worth it for the smile of my family ❤ They taste really good though :)

And yeah as I've mentioned, felt sick on the second day of home.
Down on fever but still can camwhore.

Mommy cooked fish porridge for me. :')

I'm thankful that I fell sick when I'm home but not when I'm alone at the hostel. It's absolutely terrible falling sick when you're all alone cos it really makes you feel like nobody's kid and it usually takes longer than usual to recover :( Trust me, I've experienced that.

Big bro also bought me my fave Hokkaido milk cake!
Oh that creamy little thing! :D

Went for a thorough body check up on Monday and mom bought me to Hua Mui for brunch after that.
Hainanese style steak. YUMS! It's considered very yummy with reasonable price for kopitiam :)

Stir fry choy sam (cabbage flower), stir fry brinjal with minced meat & prawn, salted prawn & steamed egg.

Lotus pork rib soup, my loveeeeee! I feel healthy eating at home :)

Also, dim sum is the MUST eat whenever I'm home.
Best breakfast (Y)

My family also enjoy sipping coffee with some cake indulgence at classic cafe.

They are my everything ❤

Brothers are always missing. I really want a family reunion & complete family portrait so much!

Choco banana waffle, Tiramisu❤ & Trio crepe cake (vanilla, choco & strawberry)- not really recommended :/ would prefer the single flavour ones cos the combination taste a bit strange to me.

Contributor to insomnia that night =.= taste good nevertheless :)

I'm sorry for the food spam, if you're feeling hungry reading this post but don't exit my blog yet!! HEHE. Presenting you another MUST eat, THE HEAVENLY SEAFOOD OHMYGOODNESS
I don't know what is this called but it's not really to my liking because it's hard to get the meat outta the shell! Prolly cos I don't have the technique to cos dad & sis seem enjoying it a lot.

Chinese styled clam soup

Fried hor fun.

Crispy oat prawn which it shells can be consumed without peeling them ;) definitely my fave!

Steamed prawn which contained of a bit of alcohol. Freshest way to eat and the essence/soup is just perfect.

CLEAN SWEEP! *slurps* (Y)

Had McD breakfast with daddymommy this morning which is also the last morning home T.T
Big breakfast which I have longed for!

Dad's friend brought us some yummy tarts and the missing piece was already in my happy stomach before I even rmb taking a picture HEE

Forgot to snap pictures of the yummy Nyonya style Nasi Lemak & Mango jelly that my godsis made for us as dinner just now. But I guess these should be enough to blow your mind away? Haha. Actually, I'm taking a break from the crazy typing marathon of my assignments and it's time to get back to the stressful tab. Sigh! I don't want the holidays to ever end!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Still grateful for the getaway from the hectic & tension lifestyle and being embraced in the comfort of home. & thank You my Abba Father for your guidance and grace that is guiding me along the way, won't be able to make it this far for Uni without Him. Though I know life will get tougher after this, but I will face those obstacles strong because He is with me. Amen! :)

Enjoy your Sunday & have an awesome week ahead yo! Till next time!


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