It's the brand new year! :D I know I'm super late to post about the new year since February is approaching and am definitely excited for CNY!! Haven't really gotten enough new clothes (ahh girls being girls) but I bought like tonnes of bottoms/skirts as usual ! Always have this bad habit of getting too much bottoms without much tops :( nothing seems attracting to me, not even those that I saw in Taiwan! (yeah will blog about my TW trip soon!) I mean, not that the clothes in TW weren't nice but since I went during the winter, those clothes are more suitable for the people there and if I were to wear them in M'sia, I'll probably die of heat stroke x.x

Kicked start the new year with birthdayssss celebration as every year since it's my sis' birthday on the 1st & dad's birthday on the 9th! I've a few more relatives whose birthday falls on Jan too but we don't celebrate it together this year so yup. (we usually have this huge combo birthday party to save cakes :p)

Sister and I heading out for lunch with her friends :)

Look at that thick and big piece of sashimi served at the restaurant! Extremely fresh & yummy! Highly recommended if you're looking for authentic and good jap food. Pricing is of higher range of course but it sure worth the value! ;)

We tucked in real quickly as the food were served as we were famished hence, not much of pictures. Does that explain the tastiness of the meal :D

The dress I wore was super short and I do feel shy wearing it. Gosh wonder why did I even bough it =.=

Sandy jiejie offer us over to her new place for high tea so off we go!
Absolutely love the cat ear ring :D

Had some champagne together with the birthday cake. Yums with weight gaining in process as well. Sigh life just can't be perfect & enjoyable at all times!

Had the birthday dinner with the family! It was japanese food again since bro made reservations already. Sis and I have had it since Christmas eve till the new year and we were saying we wouldn't want anymore jap food this whole month! See how it goes but oh well, it's already the mid of Jan ;)

Some shots of the food we had.

Coming up, dad's birthday on the 9th! :D better picture quality here since I brought the camera along!
My greatest man and I❤ Picture was initially nice and clear but I editted the lighting and tone with my iPhone now it looks ... :X

Dad & mom!❤

Mouth-watering moment!
Charcoal beancurd with mushroom and choy sum

Frozen sweet sour pork with longan

Fried soft shell crab with salted egg yolk

Claypot seafood mixture of prawn, squid, crab, fish with vermicelli rice noodle

Steamed & fried cod fish

Raspberry ice cream cake from BR!

Happy birthday Daddy! ❤

Family❤ with my big bro missing

Happy face with present!

Okay, I'm feeling the hunger now. Will blog about TW trip soon! Have a wonderful year ahead everyone! :D


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Anonymous said…
That food looks amazing!!!!


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