Happy SNAKE year! Psssssssss!

Happy Chinese New Year dear all ! :D

The festival which I've been anticipating all these while though it's like the eleventh day already, still counts! :D As every year, I'd help mom with all the spring cleaning & putting up pretty decos in the house. I'm quite particular at it cos it won't seem to be like we're celebrating without the decos, it's an essential! We even went around the places, mainly shopping mall to hunt for new and pretty decos and am quite proud of my art work ;)

Like what's CNY without them right? Of course, food & angpau still play the bigger role :D

So, on the CNY eve, woke up the earliest as well to make breakfast the my family :) I always enjoy doing so because it makes my day to see my parents indulging in the meal that I make for them, with lotsa love. :)

We also had our final round of spring cleaning and touch up in the house and dad even dragged me out to get more flowers with him whilst doing the cleaning which gave me an opportunity to get the boots which I eyed on few days before :D so happy!!

Ever since my greatgrandma passed away, the family decided to have our reunion dinner at restaurants. We find it rather convenient and easy since it's such a chore to prepare large portion of food for the whole of family as well as to clean up the mess.

No make up cos it's gonna be heavy for the consecutive days!

Pink dress & gold pouch :)

God of Fortune giving out angpaus before the dinner! HUAT ah! :D

First dish is non other than YEE SANG! Everyone was eyeing for the salmon slice haha. Too bad they don't have the cracker :( HOW COULD THEY NOT HAVE IT??

The mess after lou-ing it :p

Shark fin soup with scallop & crab meat!

Roasted goose which I don't eat =.=

Steamed Estuary Grouper with salted black beans and bamboo stick. MY FAVOURITE! The fish is so smooth and soft that it melts in your mouth and slides down your esophagus as though you're drinking some concentrated collagen drink. The collagen was indeed thick & yummy! Like my complexion would transform instantly! Seriously awesome & this kind of fish is darn expensive according to dad. But it sure worth the money :D

Braised prawn in french style stock. Another of my favourite! I'm always a prawn lover but the soup was the bomb that literally accentuate the fat and juicy prawn! (Y)

Sauteed scallop & abalone with broccoli and capsicum. I was already super bloated by the time this was served. This dish was so-so though.

Finally, here comes our dessert! Yam flavored snow ice (not to my liking) and FRIED RICE CAKE❤

The rice cake is topped with yam and sweet potato, guess that's how most family would make it and battered with some kind of powder which makes it really really crispy! & I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS! ❤

Family portrait! ❤❤❤

CNY day 1 :D

Lighted up the fire crackers to welcome the good lucks & let's shout HUAT AHHHHHHHH!!
Mom was so scared she ran away after that leaving dad to hold the pole alone. Lol

As every year, the first stop is to visit my paternal grandparents where every family would gather there and have brunch together :)
My family's heritage signature dish, heng hua mee! This IS a MUST HAVE and we absolutely love it not because we only get to eat it on special occasions or sometimes, only once a year but it's really really heavenly yummy and plus, it takes the whole morning for my grandma, mom and aunts to prepare the ingredients to make this. All the love and effort put in sure make the noodle taste even better! :) ❤

The cousins with our grandparents :)

Outfit of the day!

Love the accessories - spikes bracelet & rolling stone ring :)

With daddy & mommy❤

CNY day 2!

Visited my grandaunt and had brunch at her place as every year. Yeah, the first few days of CNY of my family is so routinized. Then went around visiting some relatives and parents' friends came over to my place too :) I was busy camwhoring at my own place because it's too pretty to resist ;) not forgetting to mention it's also my own hard work :p

All in orange! :D

CNY snacks and cookies are like SO tempting and they sure are the big monster that cause weight gaining! Noooooooooo!! Nevertheless, I still enjoy munching them whenever I'm sitting down and probably stoning/watching tv/doing nothing :D Come on, it's a once in a year thing!
And here's my favourite trio! Arrowhead chips, pineapple tarts & shrimp roll! What's yours? :)

Some snacks that I prepared for the guest who came over for visitations. :) Danish butter cookies, kek lapis/Sarawak layered cake & kuih bahulu!
I'm also one who's quite particular with food presentation cos it somehow affects the taste of it?

CNY day 3!

Nothing much went on on this day. All we did was relaxing at home & non-stop munching on the cny cookies! Anyways, dinner was fantastic though it was just a simple steamboat. The abalone sure stole the limelight of every other yummy food :D

Some close up to make you drool maybe?

CNY day 4! 

Went up the north to Malacca & Tangkak to visit my greatgrandaunt & dad's friend :) It's more like a food trip to me cos they wouldn't stop treating us to GREAT food !

With daddy :)❤

It's rude to snap pictures of food when you're having meals with the elders so a picture of the restaurant before we were served will compensate for it?

With my greatgrandaunt. She kept saying she's too old for pictures but nah, she still look young & fit that you can't even tell she's already 80+ years old ! And true enough, she walks faster than I do especially when going up the staircase. I feel so lousy seriously :/

CNY day 5! Valentines day!

Spent my Valentines day with my lovely babes! Met them up for movie & K-session after having brunch at my grandma's :)

Everyone tucked in as soon as the food was served cos we were already late for our show! Service at KSL's Kim Gary is REALLY poor & slow! The restaurant wasn't really full but it somehow took them forever to serve us and all they know was "coming in 3 minutes" but it seems endless. :( will never want to visit KG there anymore!

After the movie, we chilled at a newly opened cafe. The crepe cake wasn't fresh according to Jazz who order a piece of it while the Belgium waffle I ordered was okay :)

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! My life is awesome even without a valentine because I have you guys! Always thankful for knowing you guys❤

My favourite for dessert except that they added banana which I loath :( but still consider awesome high tea for my day cos Zuer jiejie took away the bananas :D

First time K-songs at Star Light KTV. The sound system is so much better compared to other chapalang ones found around JB ever since Redbox closed down literally!
Yeah, left only the 4 of us for the K-session but we did enjoy to the max! :D

Had bird nest as supper after that! So blissful! ❤

CNY day 7!

It's also known as "ren ri" which means everyone's birthday! Had the largest family reunion on this day where all the Tan's family would gather together!
All dressed up and ready to go!

Outfit of the day! It's also my favourite dressing during the CNY this year! :) ❤

LOU SANG again! :D there's cracker this time!


With sister :)

My family :)

Those English words were obviously by me :D

Lighting up the lantern for my family!

Succeed & flying high!

It's not the moon, it's our lantern!

CNY is not officially ended yet but everyone has already gone back to work/study. I'm still enjoying every bits of my time at home yet not forgetting that I'm only left with a month of holidays :( just enrolled my subjects for the upcoming semester and I do not like the schedule. Shall voice it out to the department and hopefully they'll make changes to it!

So yup, this post shall sums up my fun-filled CNY week :) till then! & wish everyone out there a prosper year ahead! HUAT AH! :D


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