Blessed Good Friday

As promised, decided to drop some interesting happening of my Uni life here before I start procrastinating & stressing out over assignments and those beautiful memories would never be penned down and left forgotten.

Since it's Good Friday (doesn't mean it's holiday ever since I left Convent) but so happened that the professor decided to cancel our class today, the kawan- Nia and I dated each other out for afternoon tea at T Forty Two where we have always been wanting to pay a visit! :) Having high tea is our absolute full time favourite and we are always in search for nice cafe as we really enjoy sitting down at beautiful places, sipping on hot tea/coffee & tasting delicious pastries & cakes :) this is how we enjoy life!

Just a little thing to share about,

"Life is full of enjoyment, as long as you take the right step, you'd see the beauty of life."

What an inspiring words which I've never thought of receiving it in a cab. The driver we met was such a wise man who shared so much of motivating experiences with us though the journey was less than 15 minutes long. He told us that he is very happy being a chauffeur since he loves driving. He used to be a factory worker and life was really tough for him back then but it serve as a strength for him to work harder in order to support for his children's education. His words was so touching that it moved me to tears because somehow, it reminds me of my dad back home :')

Yeah, sometimes we are just so tensed & trapped by the amount of workload that we have forgotten the fact that it is a blessing to be able to work/study. After all, we are the ones who have chosen the path that we are taking so we should really make the best out of it and be thankful for what we have.

Okay the tone sounds a bit heavy now. Hah! So back to the afternoon tea part..

My beautiful kawan :)

Love the western vintage utensils here :) floral prints are simply lovely!

We ordered the 'T for two' set, which included a set of tea pastries & cakes with 2 pots of tea/coffee :)
I had the creme brulee black tea & she had her favourite peppermint tea. It was my first time trying the tea! It gives a soft scent of vanilla & caramel, nothing too strong nor sweet which goes perfectly fine with the pastries :)

They were chocolate truffles, 2 macarons of your choice (we actually ordered green tea & passion fruit flavor but they gave us yam & strawberry -.-" tasted awesome nevertheless), a piece of cake of your choice (we had the Opera cake!), English scones with butter creme & blueberry jam, Madeleine, egg & ham rolls and salmon egg sandwiches.

Couldn't resist taking pictures & edit them right away! Everything was just too pretty :)

The macaron was my favourite from the set, hence it deserves a solo pic! :)

I'm not exactly a fan of macaron since the ones that I had were either too sweet or tasted nothing too good but this, was good! The sweetness were just nice with a little taste of sour, pretty much to my liking ;)

Thanks for the treat, kawan! :)

The price range is at moderate for such classy cafe, provided the food & service were satisfying :) Worth trying for those who really love high tea and it is no doubt an ideal place to chill (in my opinion). We would definitely come back for more desserts! :D

Camwhore shots ahead !

Blessed Good Friday & Happy Easter y'all ! xx


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