Never expected everything to end in a blink of an eye. My 3 months of holidays just flew by but thankfully it was a fruitful one. Had a real quality time with the family and I really do enjoy waking up early for breakfast with daddymommy even though it's holiday and I could get as much sleep as I want. I mean, what's more important than being around with family right! A little sacrifice of sleeping time wouldn't take away my life, plus, am not much of a sleeper. ;)

Still remember on my last day of finals last december, my family came up to KL to pick me up and I was all excited for Christmas celebration & my longggggg break with them I couldn't even sit still in the exam hall. And *snap* here I am back in my hostel typing a post about starting Uni life all over again.

Shouldn't sound too sad since firstly, it isn't my first time leaving home & secondly, it's already the last semester for my year 2. Mommy has always been telling me that I've made it this far that I will be able complete this journey strong! Uni will end soon even before I realize it and that, I'll be an undergraduate soon! She's always optimistic about my future and would never stop encouraging me whenever I feel like giving up. Daddy is also my one great source of encouragement that he always tell me to forget about the grades, just do my best & enjoy life whenever possible! I'm really grateful to God for parents like mine, who never exert any pressure on me. All they do is giving me as much freedom to strive for what I want while providing me with advices and LOTS of encouragement. & so, I always tell myself to go beyond the best that I can till I sometimes get suffocated by my own unreachable expectation and break down as soon I thought I can't hit my goal. That's how much I wanna excel in my studies because I can't afford to let my parents down.

Honestly, I've no idea how did I make it for the past 1.5 years in Uni. But I would say, I'm nothing I am today without God! He's ever so faithful to me that he would not let me fall. Whenever I'm struggling for assignments & exams, God somehow pull me through with His wonders of work. By His grace, I walked this far. By His mercy, I'm able to study the course I like in such a good university. & I must use this opportunity wisely to carry out His purpose on me as well as to glorify His name.

However, one thing which really saddens me when I get back this time is that, the hostel management made me move AGAIN!! They make me move every semester when I get back and this is already my second time moving. I hate it because after I finally get used to an environment, they're making me a start everything all over again! I'm a slow-to-adapt person, hence it really irks me :( Furthermore, the current new room is SO much smaller than my previous one that there isn't any extra space for me to place my luggage, food & daily use stuff. This IS really getting into me! Headed over to Uni to lodge a complaint and they promised to let me move back but the thing is, they can't give me a definite answer of when will I be moving back. So I've to stuck with this shit room for the time being while they leave me in wonder about moving back. Sigh! :'( was crying while I unpack the luggage last night, couldn't even sleep though I was exhausted.

Still, I thank God for the nice roomie :) yes, I've got a new roomie! She's a chinese who grew up in Argentina, cool huh :)

So right now, I really wish that first day of the new semester will start off with a blast, which is TOMORROW!! Aw man. It's just too fast I'm not even sure if I'm ready for it. But anyhoos, I'll face the challenges ahead fearless, proud & strong! Bring it on, Psych! :D

Wish me lucks & do pray really really hard for me :) hopefully I'll be blogging something exciting about my Uni life soon (IF I'm able to squeeze some time out from the hectic schedule) we shall see! Heh! Till next time & God bless you xx


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