It's my Birthday !

I always always get excited when it comes to July! I love celebrating birthday so much, I think it's the most important day of the year to me. As I grow up (or even when i was in high school), I'm not so much of a receiving-present person but I'd prefer the well-wishes and celebration with people that I love. A cake is an essential ! So much for being a sweet tooth :B

I'm also very thankful to have my colleagues celebrating with me every year! Makes me feel rather warm and loved :) and thank you boss for the birthday lunch!! 

After work, I spent my night with the boy! I think it's our first time celebrating birthday together since many years. lol. it's either one of us is not around or so, and I usually celebrate with my family but not with him alone. So that makes this birthday pretty special x

We went Rowan & Parsley for dinner. It's more of a fine dining experience. Most food came in a miniature form, but very delicious and delicate!

 Absolutely love this one! Merci pour le cadeau! 

Celebrated with the family on the 7th which is my big bro's birthday! We are 9 years and 3 days apart btw. He has always complaining about celebrating on my birthday instead of his, so his wish is granted this year! haha! We had a scrumptious thai dinner @ Chok Dee Thai. 

 Salted caramel pecan cake sponsored by my second bro!

 The July babies!

With la family!

So yup, I had a very wonderful birthday! I still haven't got myself a birthday present yet because I can't make up my mind! And also, I'm gonna splurge at Sephora with my beauty pass offers! Hehehe!!

As well, I wanna wish friends who shares the same birthday as me, happy 4th July and
Happy Independence Day, USA!


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